Monday, September 17, 2012

A Gardening Monday

And here we are at the start of another Week, Monday is upon us again.................

It was a funny night last night, the first episode of series 3 of Downton abbey was on from 9.00 until 10.30. it was excellent as usual and looks like series 3 is going to be the best one so far, I enjoyed series 1, I was disappointed with series 2 but it looks like series 3 is going to be really good.
Downton series 3
Once Downton finished I went to bed bit it was a very restless night, I woke at least twice during the night, once at 2.30 and I was wide awake and went on to face book for 30 minutes, and then woke again about 5.30 and then slept through until 8.30, Good job I do not have a carer come on Mondays, so I had a lie in until 9.00 and then got up to have some breakfast, before texting Pauline and then getting sorted ready for when Gordon comes round about 11.00 to give my flat its weekly clean.
Thank You Gordon
Gordon arrives as usual and we have a coffee and a chat and then he makes a start on the cleaning of the flat, I take a walk round to tesco express and get a morning paper and then once back home sort out the clean bed linen , as Gordon is has had the instructions from Pauline, to change the bed linen and then to take the weeks washing back to Pauline, they really are true friends.
Thank you Pauline
 Once gordon has got the flat up together he is ready to vacuum through and wash the Bathroom and kitchen floor so we decide that we would have another coffee and some Lemon Shortbread biscuits from Sainsburys and then while gordon was doing the floors I sat out in the yard and tidied up the garden borders,
My efforts at Gardening, its a bit tidier
 Once Gordon has finished he is off back home to Pauline with the washing and also a letter to my Solicitor which Pauline will take in for me, it is now 1.15 and time for a lie down for half an hour before thinking about lunch. At 2.00 I decide to get a nice bowl of Chicken soup, as I had a big breakfast and also biscuits through the morning, and I have to leave room for a nice Sainsburys Bacon and leek Pasta Bake.

So that takes us up to the present time, As well as taking me shopping twice a week and also doing my Laundry, pauline also does other bits and pieces for me, and here is a picture I have taken of some cushion covers she has made for me with the help of Charlie the cat.
Cushion covers in the making.

The Finished item
So there we are, that is how my Monday has been, I also phoned my Speech Therapist Dawn, and I am going to discuss Physio therapy with my Neurologist Dr Gibb, when I see him next week and then I will Phone Dawn back and see what we can arrange with Physio and OT if Necessary, Also to make an appointment for the dietician and also with a Podiatrist.
Physio dept St Marys
It is now time to settle down and read the Paper and get the crosswords done before it is time for Pointless at 5.15, and then getting dinner at 6.30. and then a relaxing evening as tomorrow is a busy day with Blood test and shopping down the city centre, so until tomorrow I will say cheerio.

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