Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Thursday Shop.

Hello again my Happy bunch of Journal readers. and welcome to another day of fun and games in a very dull Thursday Morning here in Portsmouth.
Portsmouth at 8.40 this morning
At least it is not raining here today......................Yet.

I  took my girl to Timbuktu.
She said to me, "Do I know you"
I said, " I have not got a clue".
But then again I don't know you.

Now you may say, Why did frank put that excellent little ditty on his daily journal, well if you think about it you must be bored because I have no idea why I did it, It just seemed a good idea at the time.

Anyway I had a good nights sleep last night and woke about 5.00 am this morning, went to the bathroom and then lazed about in bed dozing on and off until 7.30 when I got up, made a coffee and into the lounge to watch the Breakfast news on TV and to wait for Jo the carer to arrive.

Jo The Carer on her way
Jo arrives at about 8.40 and is again glad that it is at least not raining although it is very gray and gloomy outside this morning, anyway she gets on and gets me washed and groomed and is then off on her cycle to her next client, she has a busy day ahead of her today as the amount of clients she has is increasing.

Pauline Calling
Once Jo has left and is on her way I send the normal text to Pauline and then I go and get some wheatabix for breakfast and then settle down to check out the emails and also to check facebook and see who is about.
Pauline phones back to say all is Ok with her and gordon as Gordon does not work on a Thursday. also Pauline is going to book a taxi for 11.00 and then she will collect me and the wheel chair and then off down to the city centre and morrisons and Gordon will meet us at morrisons for lunch and bring us back home.

Getting Dressed,
So I have now I need to e-mail the Myositis support group to confirm my booking for the conference at Southampton this month and after a bit of a wait that is confirmed so that is OK so now as it is 10.15 I need to go and have a shave and get dressed ready for when Pauline arrives about 11.00 with the Taxi to go down Town.

Yummy, Yummy
True to her word Pauline arrives at 11.10 and we get everything in the taxi and then we are of down to the city centre, We get there and I go round to the bank and Pauline goes to the Post office and then we make our way to Morrisons. we start the shopping and gordon arrives. we get everything we want and then we go to get some lunch Gordon has double fried egg on toast and I have the same , Pauline has a Tuna Sandwich and we also have some coffee,s. The egg on toast went down a treat but I will probably suffer later on but what the heck.
Once we had finished lunch we went out to the car with the shopping and watched as poor Gordon was left to put everything in the car
Gordon And Pauline in Morrisons Car Park.
Come on Gordon , No Slacking now.
Once the car was all packed Gordon Drove us back to my place, we  got the shopping put away and I made some coffee, by now it was 3.00 pm so once the coffee were finished Pauline and gordon made there way home and I made a coffee and then settled down to get this Journal written. As it turned out the weather has been Blue sky and Sunshine most of the day here on the south coast.
Portsmouth at 3.20 pm Today.
Right so now it is off to check on the olympic torch relay. it is now onto day 48 and is going from Norwich to Ipswich. The first photo shows the torch being carried alongside the River Wensum, a special area of Conservation
The river wensum
The next Photo shows the Torch changeover in front of the beach huts at Southwold, a North Suffolk seaside town
Southwold Beach Huts
 So that is another day over, I am running late again so will get this Journal finished and then get dinner ready for tonight, Nice piece of Plaice tonight with New Potatoes and a cauliflower cheese, should be tasty. so i will leave you all with a fond Bye, Bye and todays Day in History from 1687 and see you all again with  tomorrow,s Journal.


  1. I hope you didn't suffer too much with the post egg and toast breakfast. I shan't be too sorry anyway because I had to suffer looking at "runny yolks", I love fried eggs but the yolk MUST be broken and totally cooked solid.Can't do soft boiled eggs either!
    We have sun on both sides of the water, quite amazing.

    1. I am exactly the opposite Chris, I need my eggs cooked with runny Yolks, I find the hard yolks are hard to swallow for me. It is amazing that the sun is shining both sides of the pond. just hope it is not a one off.