Saturday, July 7, 2012

A wet Weekend.

What another crap day it is today. There is no let up in the rain at the moment, and to cap it all I had a bad night last night as I could not get to sleep, no idea why, It was 5.00 am this morning I eventually got to sleep and  was awake at 6.45 with the rain hammering against the window. Here is a photo of Portsmouth at 11.00 am this morning. wet and dull.
Portsmouth at 11.00 am this morning.
Texting Pauline.
I think the only ones that like this weather is the ducks down at Baffins pond still I suppose this weather can not last forever----------------- "or can it" the trouble is when you have continual rain and have not slept very well you do not really feel like doing much as it drags you down so I do not think that this Journal will be very long or interesting today so for that I will apologise in advance.
Jo my carer arrived at 8.30 during a brief respite from the rain and is not at all happy cycling around in this weather, as she has a long day today, anyway she soon has me washed and groomed and is then on her way to the next client, and I text Pauline and get some breakfast.

Once Breakfast is over I go on the laptop to check out my e-mails and to go on facebook to see who is around and to catch up on the games I play on there and then I need to try and get the Paperwork finished for the solicitor so that he can have it all on Monday, Pauline and gordon are going to try and pop in and see me later on today so that will be nice.
well the day is poodling along quite nicely, the rain is still falling but not as heavy as it was earlier so perhaps the sky will get a bit brighter later on, it is strange sat here in July with the lights on at 11.30 am in the morning, heavy energy bills this year I think.
Well it is now 12.00 and Pauline has just sent a text to say she and gordon will be popping in to see me soon so I will get myself a Heinz Chicken and Vegetable big soup for lunch and then I can make the coffee when Pauline and Gordon Arrive.

Work on the journal
Well the soup went down very nicely and Pauline and Gordon arrive about 12.30, I have got the Paperwork for the solicitor finished so Pauline is going to take it with her and then she will take it int the Solicitors on Monday for me, so that will be OK,  I make a coffee and we sit and have a chat and at 1.50 Pauline and gordon make there way back home, the weather has not improved at all, so still very dull and wet out there today. so now all that I need to do is get this Journal completed and then go for a lie down and see if I can catch up on some lost sleep from last night.

So hopefully the Olympic torch relay has not suffered to much today so I am just going to check to see how it is progressing. The Torch is into Day 50 and is traveling between Chelmsford and Cambridge. At least the weather is better the other side of london today as the torch makes its way between Harlow and Waltham Cross.
The torch between Harlow and Waltham Cross.
 So I think now is a good time to go and see if I can catch up on a couple of hours sleep, It is dark enough her that it might as well be Night time,  sorry it is a short and mediocre Journal today but sleep is catching up on me so I will say bye bye for now and leave you with the "Day in History" for the 7th July 1928.

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