Sunday, July 8, 2012

A good Sunday.

And a really good nights sleep comes to an end as Sunday Morning Looms. Went to bed about 10.30 last night and missed "Mrs Browns Boys" at 11.20 but needed the sleep after having very little sleep on Friday night.At least the rain had stopped however slept right the way through from 11.30 to 7.15 this morning so really glad about that It is very gray and gloomy outside this morning at 8.00 o'clock but at least it is not raining.
Portsmouth at 8.00 am this morning.
Strong Coffee
 Anyway at 8.00 I am up and into the kitchen to get the morning coffee and then into the lounge to watch the TV news and to wait for Jo the carer to arrive. Well I am sat her waiting for Jo and at 10.00 and 3 coffee,s later she has still not arrived so I phone the Company only to be told that Jo is off sick and someone else will be round at some point, well at that point I told them not to bother about today and that I thought it was unreasonable not to phone and let me know, the response was not that friendly so I will be making a phone call to adult social services tomorrow.

Heavy Rain Shower
Well that is that not the start to the day that I would wish for but I will not let it affect my day as I am feeling good today so Rock on. I text Pauline and let her know what has happened and she phones back to say that she and Gordon are out on the common with misty and it is very wet and soggy underfoot but misty loves it and they are going to look around the "Love Southsea Show" on Castle fields as although the ground is wet underfoot it is very warm and the sun is shining although there are occasional showers.

oop,s on the laptop
Anyway it is a late breakfast so I have some wheatabix and then settle down with the laptop. Gervase Phones at about 11.30 to say that he will be round about 1.00 to 1.30 so that we can go shopping, he will be going down to Argos in the city centre first as he wants to buy a new TV for their bedroom. so I have a coffee and cake at 12.00 and also a yoghurt so that will do me as I only had breakfast at 10.15 so far to early for lunch and then I can have an early dinner tonight.

At 12.30 I get myself a shave and get dressed ready for gervase when he comes round and gervase arrives at 1.30 so we get in the car and off we go to Asda, we leave the wheelchair at home as I will walk round and push the shopping trolley, we need to go up stairs in the lift to check the price of TV,s in Asda and then we get the little bit of food shopping that I need, I do not need to get much just the things for dinner tonight and tomorrow.
Another shower on the way at Asda.
 Gervase checks the prices of the TV,s and decides he will get one from Argos in The city centre he said He will drop me home and then go back down to Argos, this seems a bit silly and I say that we should go straight down from Asda as we are halfway there and I can Either go in with him or wait in the cat as we can park in the large city car park right next to Argos, so that is what we do.
Argos from the City Centre Car park
Well we get to Argos and I go in with gervase we have a look at the TV and Gervase gets a new LCD TV and so he is happy with that as it was at a good he carry,s it out to the car and then we head home along the sea front. well that was a good afternoon out with gervase I enjoyed that and feel really good today. anyhow we get home and I put the shopping away from Asda,s and then Gervase heads home to set up  his new TV and I settle down to get this Journal done and to watch the Mens Tennis final at Wimbledon live on BBC 1 TV.

Well I have had a phone call from Pauline to say that they entered misty in the Dog Show at the "Love Southsea Show" at Castle fields today, it was a spur of the moment thing and Misty came in 3rd i the best dressed category, gordon sent a photo by phone for me to put on the Journal today so here it is "Well Done Misty"
Well Done Misty
So there we go looks like Misty has had a good day as well. the weather has been showery today with blue skies and Sunshine but the weather at wimbledon is turning for the worse and they have had to close the roof on the centre court as it is heavy rain up there. The other thing about today is that Herbert our Friendly "Myo" frog was not happy today when the Blue sky and Sunshine appeared between the rain showers.

And so another day draws to a close, it has been a really good day for me today, had some sunshine and Blue sky which lifts the gloom and the tennis between Murray and Federer is good, so now to check on the Olympic Torch Relay. It is Day 51 today and the torch is traveling between Cambridge and Luton. The Torch starts its Journey today from the courtyard if Trinity College, Cambridge
"Trinity College Cambridge"
And it is apt that as the weather is wet and the rain is Falling the crowds gather to see the torch traveling down the River Camb on a "Punt".
"By Punt on the River Camb"
So that is it for today then, Next Sunday is the Myositis support group meeting in Southampton so I am looking forward to going to that. so I will say tatty bye to you all for today and until tomorrow I will leave you with todays "Day in History" from the year 975 AD.

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