Monday, July 9, 2012

Its Another Monday

A Windy time ahead
As a wise man once told me it does not matter when you wake in the morning if the Sun is shining or if it is Raining, if you wake up and pass wind it will be a good day, if that is correct then today should be an excellent day. LOL because it is very windy here this morning.

Well it was another really good nights sleep last night, it has not been so humid the last couple of nights so that may be why I have slept better, anyway I slept from about 11.00 until 5.00 when I got up to get a drink of water and use the Bathroom then went back to bed and slept through until 7.45 so that was OK.

Its Carmella the Carer.
once I was awake I went into the kitchen and got myself a coffee and then into the lounge to await the carer. Jo has her day off on a Monday so it should be Carmella. and it was, Carmella arrived at 8.40 and soon had me washed and groomed ready for the day ahead, she is a very pleasant and chatty young lady and we have a laugh and a joke and then she is on her way to her next client.

Washing Up
So once Carmella has left I get some breakfast A pkt of Belvita breakfast biscuits, A banana and a Yoghurt today, very Healthy, Roll on when it is time for Chocolate cake LOL. Anyway I then text Pauline and let her know all is OK and then settle down with the laptop for email and facebook checking before getting the washing up done and getting dressed, Pauline phones back to say that she will be dropping the paperwork into the solicitor today for me at about 11.30 so that will be OK.

Parish Record Page c 1709
Once I am dressed and the washing up done I settle down to get some Family History research done for a few of hours before lunch time at about 1.00. There is so much family history to get researched, the further I go Back in Time the more work has to be done to make sure you are on the right line. Thank goodness for the Parish Records that go back into the 1500,s but these take so much deciphering and is very time consuming but well worth while.

Anyway the morning passes very quickly, Pauline phones about 12.00 to say they have just dropped the paperwork of for me and I also get a text from my daughter in law Leanne to see how I am doing today, Leanne works in Portsmouth and is a Nursery School Teacher.
Nearly time to go home Rudolph
At least the weather is better today it is not very bright but at least it is not raining and we are getting glimpses of blue sky and sunshine, but the weather is more akin to march than it is to July, perhaps it means we will have a warmer and dry winter this year. and for your information it is only 168 days to Christmas so Christmas shopping soon folks.

Pigging Out
Ok so Lunch is over, made a piggy of myself again had a nice lunch of tinned pink Salmon and a couple of Crisp Bread so that was the omega 3 sorted for the day and then could not resist the last of the chorley cakes, thought I might as well eat it today then I have the excuse to get some more when I go shopping tomorrow with Pauline.

Went for a lie down for an hour after lunch and now it is time to think about getting this journal finished for today and then spend an hour or two with the television  until 6.00 when it will be time to get the vegetables prepared for dinner tonight. Well at last the day has gone by with no rain, it has been a day of sunny periods and cloudy skies so now to see if the Olympic Torch Relay has met any wet weather. it is getting nearer to Hampshire now and will soon be visiting Portsmouth. It has started day 52 today and is going from Luton to Oxford.
Bletchley Park
The photograph above shows one of the places that the Torch visited today on its Journey, here we see it outside "Bletchley Park" which was the location of the secret british codebreaking activities during  World War II

It is now 4.20 pm and time to get this daily journal posted so I will say Tatty Bye until tomorrow and leave you with todays "Day in History" from 1955.

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