Monday, July 16, 2012

After The Conference

well here we are again, sorry the journal was not written yesterday but I was away all day at the UK Myositis Support Group Conference at the Novotel Hotel in Southampton.
The Novotel Hotel Southampton
It was a really great day and I met some wonderful people there, It was also a pleasure to meet up with 3 lovely ladies from the Myositis KIT Group on Facebook Val, Sam and also Sam,s Mum Helen.
The 3 Dolly Birds " Val, Sam and Helen.
  The day was a busy day and there were talks in the morning from  various doctors and in the afternoon it was a question and answer session for the 4 forms of Myositis. it was split into 3 rooms PM and DM, JDM and IBM. 

I learnt an awful lot about this disease from the speakers there and I thought the best part of the day was trying to keep (Helen under control) Only Joking Helen.  The question and answer session for PM/DM was very informative and the doctors present gave very concise and easy to understand answers to peoples questions. so thank you Professor Robert Cooper, Professor Neil McHugh and Dr Patrick Gordon. I would also like to thank my son Gervase for coming with me as it would have not been possible to attend without him.

And as you can see I really enjoyed myself and was happy but tired waiting for the taxi when it was time to go home. it was a long day as I was up at 6.00 and did not get back home until 6.15 so a long day.
Happy but Tired.
So now I will look forward to next year when it will be held at a Hotel in Oxford. the Myositis Support group will be celebrating there 25th Anniversary so it should be a cracker of a conference and hopefully a celebration the night before so looking forward to that in 12 months time.

So that brings us back to today. The Olympic torch arrived in Portsmouth yesterday evening and there was a bit of a party on Southsea common with an estimated 45000 to 55000  people there to watch the torch arrive on stage
Southsea common yesterday waiting for the Olympic Torch to arrive.
ant then this morning the Olympic torch left Fratton Park at 7.30 on its way to Brighton. I was going to get up early and go and watch it as it is only down the end of my road but after yesterday I decided not to bother and stayed in bed until 8.00.
The torch at Fratton park at 7.25 this morning
Breakfast for one
So missed the torch leaving Portsmouth but at least had a nice lie in, got up at 8.00 and made the coffee and the into the lounge to await the carer, she is late today as she had problems getting here because of the road closures due to the olympic torch relay anyway it is 9.45 before the carer arrives. It is another new girl as Monday is Jo,s day off, anyway she soon has me washed and groomed and is then on her way. So I text Pauline and then go and get some breakfast. 

Once I have had breakfast Pauline phones to say that her and Gordon are out on the common with Misty. It is Pauline,s Birthday today and she has reached the sprightly age of ??. Now Pauline says she is 21 "Ye right" in your dreams"OOOP,s" anyway all joking aside Happy birthday Pauline and hope you have a really great day and make sure Gordon Spoils you.

So the morning has passed by in a flash "..................WHOOOOOOOSH............" and it is now time to get some lunch, I will be having some egg mayonnaise and Crisp Bread today with a nice cup of tea and followed by a "Mixed Berry fruit cheesecake" so will enjoy that and then will settle down with the TV for the afternoon, it is still very wet and dull outside so glad I am indoors resting after yesterday. There are some good old repeats of British sitcoms on this afternoon, there are two episodes of "Open all Hours" two episodes of "Waiting for god" and two episodes of " As Time goes by" that will take me up to 5.00 pm this evening.
Open All Hours

Waiting For God

As Time goes by
As mentioned Previously the olympic torch was in Portsmouth Yesterday and Today and is now making its way towards Brighton, which is east along the coast from Portsmouth and despite the Rain the crowds were out lining the streets at Petworth and Chichester

Well I think that is about it for today. Tomorrow is a day of The Dreaded visit to the local Vampire AKA The doctors surgery for the regular blood test so I will leave you with a fond farewell and the "Day in History" from the 16th July 1935

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  1. Nice to have you back Frank, glad you enjoyed the conference.
    That was good of Gervase to travel with you; and Happy Birthday to Pauline.