Tuesday, July 17, 2012

To The vampire I will Go

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, To the Vampire I will go,
Instead of blood, I will give her mud, Hi Ho Hi Ho.

Well Good morning from a Sunny Southsea at last, yes Folks at last A Very Sunny Day here in Portsmouth. it started of a bit dull but once the day got going the weather improved and the sun came out. WoooooHoooooo...................................
Portsmouth at 12.00 noon today
Morning Coffee
Anyway I slept well last night, although still recovering from a long day on Sunday, and was up at 8.00 am this morning to get the coffee and into the lounge to watch the breakfast news and await Jo my carer. Jo arrives at 8.30 and has enjoyed her 3 days off and soon has me washed and groomed ready for the busy day ahead.
Must get Dressed
Once Amanda has gone I text Pauline and then get some breakfast and Pauline phones to say that she is booking a taxi for 10.10 to come and collect me and then of to Eastney health centre to see debbie to give the blood for the regular Blood Test, so it is now 9.15 so time to get shaved and dressed ready for when Pauline arrives.

Pauline arrives at 10.20 so we get the wheelchair into the car and off we go to see the dreaded Vampire. it does not take long and we are at the Eastney Health Centre.
Eastney Health Centre.
Blood Test
Once there we unload the taxi and in we go, we report as usual to the reception and we are number 14 to se debbie. we find a seat and number 12 is in with debbie now. so not long to wait, you can see how the government cut backs are affecting the local health service, they have closed the " Community Health Desk" where you used to get advice and make appointments to see Podiatrist, Community nurses, and other health services, now it has to be all done on a premium rate telephone number. " Total Shambles by our elected MP,s". However We go in to see Debbie and she takes the blood from me and I make the appointment for 5 weeks time and then we are off out.

It is a really nice Sunny day for a change after all the days of rain so Pauline and I decided that we would make the most of it and wander down to the shops in Milton Road and get the shopping there today as neither of us need to get much and it is all independent shops down there as well. so off we go I push the wheelchair for a bit and then pauline takes over and pushes me. it takes about 15 minutes to walk there and it is very warm in the sun.
Milton was not that busy today so we had a nice leisurely stroll by the shops and get the items we want, Fresh meat, Fresh fish, Fresh vegetables, fresh bread, no Supermarket pr-packed bland tasting imported food, what a change it was to be served real produce by real people. we then have a nice coffee and Sandwich for lunch sat outside of the cafe in the fresh air. Milton has a nostalgic past for me, it is where me and christine bought our first house in 1978, it is where Gervase was born in 1981 and it is where my Grandfather Frederick Hubbard lived with Grandmother, Mum, Aunty Maud and Uncle Fred in 1917-1923. it is also where my Mother Aunt and Uncle went to school.
Milton School it has not changed since the early 1900,s.
Once we had finished lunch we then made our way back home, walking down Goldsmith Avenue by Milton Park it took about 20 minutes to walk home, stopping at the Tesco Express en-route. once home we put the shopping away and I made a nice coffee and we had a chat until 2.00 pm when it was time for Pauline to make her way home, so that was an enjoyable 3 or 4 hours and nice to be out of the house in the sunshine and fresh air.
Milton Park and Goldsmith Avenue,( Stock Photograph)
So There we go, that was my day today, very enjoyable so now we need to check out how the Olympic torch relay is Progressing today. Today is Day 60 of the Torch Relay and it is going from Brighton to Hasting,s  The torch starts its day at the "Royal Pavilion" in Brighton which was built for King George IV between 1787 and 1823
"Royal Pavilion, Brighton"
and here we have the spectacular views of the crowd as Dame Kelly Holmes takes the Torch to "Tonbridge Castle"
Tonbridge Castle
So that was my day, now to get Dinner started so I will say tatty Bye until tomorrow and leave you with todays "Date in History" from 1899


  1. I just tried to find you on Facebook, do you know how many Frank Smiths there are??? my new page is Chris Chrows I'll try to find you when I get back from Vancouver. Be good and I hope you sell your house.

  2. Top of the world Ma - top of the world....