Friday, July 20, 2012

Another Friday arrives.

Good morning peoples and welcome to another Friday here on the South Coast of England. The day started very Bright and Sunny but has deteriorated over the morning and now at 12.25 at lunchtime it is looking like some rain may well be on the way.
Portsmouth at 12.15 today
 The day pretty well started as most of my days do so I am taking a break from the normal writing of my Daily journal and will begin with an update on my idea of producing an animated short to raise awareness of Myositis.

I have decided that it will take a different course of action to my first idea of a traditional animation and will instead be a "Stop Motion Animation" using "Brick Characters" like Lego etc.
Lego over the years
 The first thing that I will need to do is to re-establish " film Scan studio" my old Graphic Design Trading Name and then start to story board the first few scenes so that I have a idea of what line the animation will take.
There is a whole range of lego kits available that should make an interesting story line to get the message across in a positive way and to hopefully raise Global awareness of Myositis.

Stop Motion animation is a relatively simple, if not time consuming way to produce animation. Stop motion technique  was first used in 1897 for "Humpty Dumpty,s Circus" Stop motion using "Clay" has been used in many well known films over the years the most well known ones probably being the ones produced by "Aardman Animations" producers of "Wallace and Gromit"

Brickfilm is a relatively new way of producing stop motion animation using Lego and was  started around the early 1980,s using software and a camera good high quality animation can be produced .
iKit movie software for Mac
So there we are that is the final decision made so Production will start once I have moved into my new home in the next few weeks.
So now that I have bored you all silly I will get back to today.

Morning Coffee
It was a decent nights sleep and I slept through from 11.15 until 7.30 only waking once in the night for the bathroom. I was a pleasure to draw back the curtains this morning and see the blue sky and sunshine so got up with a spring in my step ( well in the walking cane at least) and made my way to the kitchen to rustle up some coffee and then into the lounge to catch up on the morning news on TV.

A daily giggle
The news is still as depressing as it was yesterday the only cheerful thing about it is the comic capers of our elected government.
 I am still trying to work out how we were all scammed into electing them in the first place, still never mind at least they provide us with a daily giggle.

However Jo the carer arrives at 8.30 and is looking forward to the weather getting better over this weekend, she is so pleased it is Sunny and so is in a very cheerful mood. She soon gets me washed and groomed and is then on her way to her next client, so I now go and get some cereal breakfast and also a Banana and then text Pauline to let her know all is OK here today, I then take my Methotrexate and settle down for a restful day with the laptop and Facebook.

I have the laptop fired up and Pauline phones to say Her and Gordon are up in Salisbury and they are just getting to their first client so that is OK so I now settle down to check the emails when the phone rings and it is Andy, a lad I worked with from the DIY company B&Q. He has just been dismissed from his job at B&Q and wants to see if I can offer any advice as he knows I used to fight for the staff at B&Q when I worked there. anyway he is coming round for a chat this morning so I had better get the coffee made.

On the Laptop
Andy arrives and has taken the advice I gave him when he phoned the other day and has been to see the local office of the "Unite" union, as they are better placed to help him fight his case, andy does suffer from Asthma, and reading through the paperwork from his disciplinary hearings  the company has made a few errors in procedure with regard to sickness so the Union will certainly have a case. Andy stays for an hour and we have a coffee and then he is on his way, so I have another coffee and then back on the Laptop.

Off to IKEA in
The morning has progressed and got better (for a Methotrexate Thursday) and the weather has got worse. anyway time for lunch. Gervase phones to say that he and leanne are off to Ikea in Southampton and then out for a meal this evening. It is their 3rd wedding anniversary on Monday but Gervase will be up in london filming Monday and Tuesday so  he has taken today off work, and Leanne is off work as she is a nursery school teacher and the schools have broken up for the Summer holidays.

Lunch for today
So It is now 1.00 pm so time for some lunch and today I will have three crisp breads  with some Laughing Cow Cheese triangles spread on them and a nice cup of tea, followed by a nice west country yoghurt and then at 2.00 it will be time for the friday afternoon lie down for an hour. Lunch was very tasty and went down a treat , I then went for a lie down for an hour at 2.15 and now at 3.30 it is time to get this Journal completed for the day and then a couple of hours of TV until it is time to get dinner started at 6.00 pm. Tonight I am having Sea Bream fillet, with New Potato,s, and Cauliflower Cheese.

It is now that time of the afternoon that I need to check how the Olympic torch relay is progressing. It is Day 63 today and the torch is making its way from Maidstone to Guildford before being flown by Royal Navy Helicopter to The Tower of london this evening. The first Photograph shows the torch being carried by Boat down the River Medway at Maidstone and in the the second Photograph  it is being carried on a cycle round the Brands Hatch motor racing Circuit.
On the River Medway

 So there we are then that is about it for today, The clouds are starting to go and the blue sky is appearing
 So there we are then the end of another page in my daily journal, so until tomorrow I will say Bye Bye and leave you with todays "Date in History" from 1919.

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