Monday, July 2, 2012

First Anniversary Edition.

"Where has the year gone to"?

June 2011
Well what do you know, it has been 1 year since I started this daily journal and my website "Myositis in Focus" I just do not know where the time has gone. It has been a Topsy Turvy kind of year with all kinds of twists and turns but I am so pleased to be able to sit here today and say that with the help and support of Family and Friends that I am 200% better than I was this time last year. 
When I came out of Hospital on the 25th May last year my medication list was as follows.

Methotrexate .......... 7.5 mg on a Friday
Medication 2011
Folic acid.................5 mg on a Monday
Lansoprazole............1 x 30 mg Daily
Prednisolone.............40 mg Daily
Calcichew D3...........2 x 500 mg Daily
Thiamine Hydrochloride 3 x 100 mg Daily
Vitamin B Compound 3 x Tablet Daily
Strontium Ranelate 1 x Sachet in water Daily at Night

At the time of writing todays journal I have done my bit to save the National Health Service (NHS) a substantial amount of money as my medication list is now as follows.

Methotrexate...............15 mg on a Friday.
June 2012 with Pauline and a Burger

Folic Acid...................5 mg on a Monday
Prednisolone................15 mg on alternate days ie Monday, Wednesday Friday etc.
Calcichew D3...............2 x 500 mg Daily.

Apart from That I now have a reveal monitor fitted in my chest to record a continuous ECG as they detected a slight irregular heart beat but from investigation is appears that it is nothing to worry about but they will continue monitoring it for at least another 3 months. 

When I came home from Hospital I was on a puree diet and now as you can see from the Photograph I am now almost back to eating normal "Junk Food" lol.

"The future plans"

So there we are You have now got to endure another year of my Daily journal. This year I have Plans to try and increase the awareness of Myositis in my own small way. as well as my website "Myositis in Focus" I will be setting up another website "Myositis Awareness" to promote the awareness of Myositis across the globe through interactive and Animated Cartoon Movies and Presentations designed and distribute Free of Charge by myself. I will be resurrecting my previous Graphics Brand "Film scan studios" which has been dormant since 2004. 
Herbert frog
Grouchy Frank
Headlining the "Presentations" will be "Grouchy Frank" and the lead character in the "Animations" will be "Herbert Frog" all this will be put in to place after my impending move in Aug/Sept and should be up and running by January 2013.
So there are my Plans and Inspirations going forward. everything is being put in place so if all goes well and there are no health setbacks it should be all systems go. At least if nothing else it will keep me productive as everything can be done from a desk and with a  Apple Mac computer.

"Back to Today"
A windy time today
Well there we go then folk that is the Past and the future. and now we are back to the present time Has anything changed since yesterday ? "YES" the Rain is back now isn't that a surprise. it is very "Wet and Windy here in Portsmouth today" and also the weather is not much better either lol

There are two Characters at my home who have entirely different outlooks on our british weather.

Herbert Frog loves the wet weather in his tree home
Myo pooch does not like the rain at all
Monday Breakfast
last night was a bit of a restless night so although I did sleep it was a very interrupted sleep as I kept waking up every couple of hours anyway I eventually got up at 7.45 and although at that time the rain had not arrived but by the time the carer arrived at 8.30 the rain had started and although not heavy it was persistent. anyway The carer was finished and on her way by 8.50 so I text Pauline and then got myself some breakfast. 
Bulk Rubbish Collection
Once I had finished breakfast pauline phones and is all OK and I will see her and Gordon Later as They are coming round this evening along with Gervase to get the old beds down from upstairs as I have a Free Bulk Collection from Portsmouth City Council Tomorrow and the beds need to be put out in my forecourt after 7.00 pm tonight ready for collection tomorrow. 

Washing Up.
So now that I have heard from Pauline I make a coffee and then get the washing up done before settling down in front of the TV with the Laptop for a morning of Facebook and Old TV Sit Coms. I will spend 2 or 3 hours there before getting some lunch at 1.00 and then going for a cat nap before completing this journal for today.  

Speech Therapist
Well Here we are again . it is now 3.30 and the rain is still steadily falling gently from the skies"Yes right" anyway it is still Bl@@@y wet outside and this weather is really depressing and the forecast is even more so, although I should not really be complaining. I had some Corned Beef and Crisp Bread and that went down well I also had a phone call from Dawn my Speech Therapist. we had a good chat and we have left it that she will contact me again in six months unless I have any Problems ( which I am determined I will not) and then I can Phone her at any time and she will see me.

So That is about it Enjoyed Lunch, had a lie down for an hour and now it is time to get this journal finished and posted to the blog. so here is the introduction to the new characters

So now off to check the olympic torch relay and see how they are progressing in the rain. It is Day 45 today and it is going from Coventry to Leicester. The first Photograph shows the torch being carried past the Transport Museum in Coventry
Passing the Transport Museum in Coventry.
The next photograph shows the Torch among the vast crowd as it passes through the village of Dunchurch in Warwickshire. the core of the village is a conservation area because of the many buildings of historical interest, some dating back to the 15th Century.
The Village of Dunchurch
 There is no "day in History today" as it is at the start of this journal for the 2nd July 2011 LOL so until tomorrow I will bid you all Good Bye.

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  1. I look forward to another year of Fearless Frank and the Myositis Monster, also the supporting cast of characters, (beyond Family and excellent friends).

    We are having a hot and humid week here, fat people in misery, for once no Raynauds actually my hands are hot!