Saturday, July 14, 2012

We Survived.

Woke up this morning with a great sigh of relief , I had survived Friday the 13th without any great catastrophe. so now I can relax and get on with the day ahead of me. The day has started off as is the norm these days with a mixture of white and grey cloud interspersed with patches of Blue Sky.
Portsmouth Harbour at 7.00 am today with the Isle of Wight car ferry  Arriving
Solar System
I read with interest a posting on one of the blogs I follow, that is written by a very intelligent young lady in the USA. Stephanie suffers from JDMS which is the Juvenile equivalent of Dermatomyositis.  What I liked about her post today is that she tells of her love of stargazing, it made me wish that I lived out of town so that I could take in the splendour of the night sky. Living in a built up city like portsmouth there is so much light emitted at night it is hard to see anything in the sky apart from the occasional sighting of the moon, and over the last three months so much cloud that you rarely get the chance to see the night sky. You can visit Stephanie,s blog ( JDMS TODAY) from the link in the left hand column of this blog.

Todays Carer.
I slept pretty well last night although it was a hot muggy night and I was awake by 5.30, lazed around in bed dozing until 8.00 am when I gave up and went to make a coffee and then into the lounge for the morning fix of Facebook. I was on there and also checked emails until 8.30 when the Carer arrived, It was another new girl today, very colourful with bright purple hair, a very pleasant young lady, but not as chatty as Jo, my regular carer. however she gets me washed and groomed and is then on her way.

Watching movies on the TV
Once the carer has taken her leave ( I did not even get to know her name) I go and get some wheatabix for breakfast and another coffee and then sent the obligatory morning text to Pauline, Pauline phones back to say that she and Gordon are off to Pick up her car from the garage later this morning. meanwhile I decide to watch some episodes of time team until lunch at 1.00 and then I am going to watch an old movie on the "More4." TV Channel.

The movie I am watching today is another old Black and White Movie from 1951. It is a film made at the "Ealing Studio" and starring Alex Guinness, Stanley Holloway and Sid James. This is a classic British comedy.
Lavender Hill Mob 1951
That was an excellent film and I enjoyed that very much, sat there in my recliner with my feet up and eating a "Ham and Egg Sandwich" and a nice cup of Coffee. "Luverly" We have just had a torrential downpour of rain, I went and stood by the front door watching the water running like a stream down the road, and we are on level ground, the drains could not cope with the amount of water, it lasted for about 15 to 20 minutes but by the look of the dark clouds it will come again before long. This is so weird today as It is 2.15 in the afternoon in the middle of july and I am having to sit here with the house lights on in the lounge to read the paper.

 So I wonder how the olympic torch is getting on today in this weather. It is on day 57 today going from Bournemouth to Southampton. Southampton is only 20 miles away from here, and the Olympic torch comes into Portsmouth Tomorrow. The photograph today shows the torch starting its Journey from Bournemouth Pier.
Starting at Bournemouth Pier.
There are large crowds waiting for the torch to arrive at Lyndhurst in the New Forest
Large crowds at Lyndhurst
And it is umbrella time as the rain decides to fall as the torch comes through Lymington.
And wet crowds at lymington
  So that is about it for today, it is now time to say tatty bye for today and to remind you all that the daily Journal will be absent tomorrow but there will be a special edition on Monday featuring the UK Myositis support group meeting being held on Sunday at Southampton. so until Monday here is todays "Day in History" from 1789


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