Thursday, July 19, 2012

Improving Thursday weather.

And here we are again, Another Thursday and it is looking brighter outside, It looks like the weather is starting to change for the better, so maybe summer is on the way, although it is overcast there are patches of Sunshine and it is not raining.
Portsmouth at 8.00 am today.
As you can see from the Photograph above , here is Portsmouth at 8.00 am this morning. and it certainly looks like Misty and Charlie the cat are enjoying the early morning sunshine as seen in this photograph taken by Pauline this morning.
"Misty" and "Charlie" enjoying the early morning sunshine.
Anyway on with the day. I had another good nights sleep ( I am certainly sleeping better since I have been on this last Prednisolone taper) woke once at 4.00 for the bathroom and then slept through until 7.15. Got up at 7.30 to make the coffee and then into the lounge ready for when Jo the carer arrives.

Jo arrives at 8.20 and is so glad that the day has started out sunny, she soon has me washed and groomed and is then off on her cycle to her next client, I then send a text to Pauline to let her know all is OK here and then into the kitchen to get some breakfast sorted.

Once Breakfast is over I get the laptop up and running and check out the emails and Facebook to see who is about. about 9.30 pauline phones to say she is going to book a taxi for 10.45 and will come to collect me and then we can go down to the city centre and then to Morrisons to get the shopping, Gordon is on his day off today and he will come and meet us at Morrisons for Lunch and then take us back home.

At 10.15 It is time to get a shave and then get dressed ready for when Pauline arrives and true to her word Pauline arrives at 11.00, we get the wheelchair loaded into the Taxi and then we are on our way down to the city centre. we are soon there and the Taxi drops us at "Slindon Street"as Pauline has some letters to post and then Pauline takes me to the bank as I have some business to conduct and while I am in there Pauline goes to get some bits and pieces from Wilkinson,s.
Wilkinson,s in the Precinct
Once I have finished in the bank I wheel myself outside and wait by the fountain in commercial road for Pauline to get back from Wilkinson,s, once Pauline is back we make our way up to the Nationwide Building society and then go for a coffee at the Expresso Coffee bar in the Precinct.

Once we have finished our coffee we make our way to Morrisons, it is about a 10 minute walk and when we are there Pauline Phones cordon to let him Know so that he can come down to meet us, we get a trolley and off we go shopping in Morrisons.
Morrisons Portsmouth City Centre.
About 15 minutes later gordon arrives and we get motoring around Morrisons getting what we need and then once we have everything we go and park the trolley and go into the cafeteria for lunch. Gordon and I have egg on toast and pauline has a Sandwich and we all have coffee, and very nice it is to, Once we have finished we make our way to the checkout to pay for the shopping and then get it loaded into the car and head back home.

It is surprising how fast the time goes as it is now 2.15 so we get the Shopping put away and then have a coffee. Pauline decides to take my Laundry with her so we get that put into a large bag and then Pauline and Gordon, make there way home and I make another coffee and then settle down to get this Journal written for today.
The time is now 4.50 and time is getting on, gervase has phoned to say he will be in to see me on the way home from work so that will be nice, and it is nearly time to get the vegetables prepared for dinner so I will go and check to see how the olympic torch relay is getting on today. It is day 62 today and the torch is going from Deal to Maidstone.
The first Photograph shows the torch passing through "Stonar" being carried by Katherine Stalker. and the second Photograph shows it passing through the Port of "Ramsgate".
Passing Through Stonar
The Port of Ramsgate
 So that is it for today so until tomorrow I will say a Cheery bye bye and leave you with todays "Day in History" from the 19th July 1545.

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