Wednesday, July 18, 2012

After the Sunshine comes the rain.

One Day Sunshine and the Next day rain, hopefully the Met office is correct and our Summer weather will start next Sunday.
Portsmouth at 8.15 this morning.
Money for a job well cocked up 
As you may have gathered from the above, the weather has turned Dull, Gray and Wet again today, it really is getting me down. It was such a nice day yesterday and then today it is back to Dull and Dismal. However that is by the by. another decent nights sleep and I am awake at 6.00 am and up at 7.30 to make a nice cup of Morning coffee and into the Lounge to watch the News on BBC 1. It is all about the G4S cock up of the security for the olympics, what a total cock-up but what is even more unbelievable is that the Government are still going to pay them !!!!!!.

In Good shape
I watch the TV News until Jo my carer arrives, Jo is not happy about todays weather but soon has me washed and groomed ready for the day ahead and then she is on her way. Once Jo has gone I get myself some breakfast and then send  Pauline a text to let her know all is OK. Next thing is to Phone the GP and the results of the Blood Test yesterday have come back OK and the next Blood test will be in 5 weeks time.

once the texts, phone calls and breakfast is over with I settle down with the computer to check my emails and also Facebook, and then do a little bit of "Family History Research until it is time for the 1.00 News on TV and time for Lunch, I am making a cheese omelette for today and have that with a couple of Crisp Breads. I also notice that it has also started to rain again so glad I am not going out today.

One Item that Pleased me is that doing my Family history research, I have made contact with a lot of my distant relatives from my mothers side of the family, living in Canada. as well as My Cousin Maureen from my Paternal side. anyway one of the relatives " Darlene" is visiting Friends in  England and arrives Today. Unfortunately  it is the other side of Birmingham, however I am Hopeful that while she is over here we may be able to meet up somewhere for a couple of hours. Darlene is my 2nd Cousin 1 x Removed.

So it is now 3.10 and the day has plodded on and I have done very little so I am going to get this journal Journal written and then settle down for an afternoon of Family History and then after Dinner an evening of  TV. so that I am fit and refreshed for Shopping with Pauline tomorrow.

So now it is time to go and check how the Olympic torch relay is getting along in this dismal weather. It is into day 61 and is traveling from hastings to Dover.  There is a larger than life colourfull welcome for the Torch on The village of "Hamstreet"
Hamstreet in Kent
and there is also another colourfull parade to accompany  the Olympic torch Relay as it passes through Ashford in Kent as it makes its way towards the White Cliffs of Dover.
Ashford in Kent.
So now it is time to say Tatty bye until tomorrow so will leave you with todays "Date in History" from the 18th July 1848.

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