Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Good Day Today

Restless Sleep
Hello everyone hope you have all had or are having a good day, I must say that despite the weather it has been a good day today for me for a number of reasons. I did not have a very good night again last night as I kept waking up every 2 hour,s I seem to have drifted into a funny sleep pattern and as I have mentioned before I think it is a combination of several things including the warm nights, The tapering of the prednisolone and the selling of my house and the impending move.

Get the Morning Coffee
Anyway I decided to get up early today as I am going to have the Council come and do a bulk collection of beds from my house this morning. I am moving from a three bedroom house to a one bedroom flat so have 3 beds to dispose of as I use a hospital profile bed now. Anyway they are coming between 7.00 am and 4.00 pm so I get up at 6.45 just in case they get here early on in the day. so I go into the Kitchen for the coffee and then Into the lounge to watch the morning news on the TV.

Here comes Jo the Carer
Anyway probably should have stayed in bed as Jo the carer arrives at 8.30 and no man with a van has arrived yet, Wishful thinking on my part I suppose, anyway Jo is not at all pleased with the weather today as she is getting wet on her bicycle. anyway she soon has me washed and Groomed and is then on her way to the next client.

Walkies on the common
Once Jo has left I Text Pauline and then Go and get some Porridge for breakfast. Pauline phones me back, She is out on the common taking "Misty" for her morning walk she said it is very wet  out there today with a bit of a chill breeze blowing in off the sea. I expect misty is enjoying it but poor Pauline is not, anyway she said that she will be booking a taxi at 10.45 to come and collect me and then we can go shopping down to Asda at Fratton as the weather is not nice enough to be down the city centre getting wet in a wheel chair.

Rubbish collection
So now I wait and hope that they come and collect the beds that are out the front of my property as I don,t have to be here when they come to collect them but I would like to be just to make sure that they take everything, so while I am waiting I log on to Facebook to see who is around and at 10.00 the men turn up with the truck to collect the beds so that is ok they load them up and are on there way, "Job Done'

Shopping at Asda
So the time is now 10290 so off to get a shave and then get dressed ready for when Pauline arrives with the Taxi. I get shaved and dressed and get the wheelchair ready and then the Postman delivers the mail.  there is not a lot of mail mostly Junk mail but there is one from my solicitor with some paperwork to complete and return so that is progressing Ok and then at 11.00 Pauline arrives with the taxi so we get the wheelchair into the Taxi and off we go to Asda at Fratton to get the shopping done although I have not got much to get today.

We first of all have a wander round the charity shops at the bridge centre, get some forms that I need from the Post office and then have a coffee and a snack at the cafe before doing the food shop in Asda, we get what we need and then once we have everything we get it paid for and then make our way outside and phone a taxi to take us home. I cant believe how long we have been out. We left home at 11.00 and it is now 2.10. 3 Hours to do a little bit of shopping and have a snack.

Once we are home we get the shopping put away and I make a coffee and we have a chat and pauline has a little check upstairs and at 3.00 I phone for the taxi to  take her home. Once pauline is on her way home I phone the Solicitor and we have a chat and go over a couple of points and I will get the paperwork sent of at the weekend as I need Gervase to go over it first It is not that important only the preliminary bits and pieces. I then go and make a coffee and settle down to get this Journal started as I am all behind with it now.

I get the Journal started and then I see the owners of the flat I am going to move into over the road so I have a chat with them And have a look around the flat, it will do me very nicely, as it is a nice little flat very bright, ken said that they are going to decorate it all the way through and put new carpets down so that will be nice. They are pleased that I am moving in so it is the ideal solution all round I can stay in the area that I like and they have someone in the flat that will treat it with respect.

So that is about it for today it has been a good day all told, the weather is still very wet but then it is England so what can we expect ( some Sunshine you all shout) however I now need to check on the Olympic Torch Relay. It is day 46 today and the torch journeys from Leicester to Peterborough. and one of the ways it will travel today ois by steam train on the great central railway from leicester to Quorn.
The Great Central Railway Steam Train

So that is about it for today as I need to start getting dinner ready so I will say Tatty Bye until tomorrow and leave you with todays " Day in History" from 1608.

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  1. Glad it was raining so you didn't have the homeless sleeping out front!
    Great news about the New flat. Don't forget to tell prospective buyers you will be living across the road, so perhaps only decent folk will move in! It's Chris I couldn't figure out why my chrows didn't come up??