Friday, July 6, 2012

A Day of Phone calls

Here we go again after a very nice sunny and warm day yesterday we are back to the rain again today.  here we see how portsmouth looked at 8.45 this morning.
Portsmouth at 8.45 this morning.

It was a decent nights sleep last night, so I was up at 7.30 this morning and into the Lounge with the morning coffee to wait for Jo the carer to arrive, while I am waiting I check out facebook and my e-mails  The weather seems to be getting everybody down, the Met office has issued 100 flood warnings for the UK for today mainly in central and Northern England but the numbers are increasing by the hour.

Wide spread rain today
This is the map of the rain pattern for 4.00 pm this afternoon as issued my the Met Office at 12.00 noon today
Lots of paperwork.
Once Jo has been and got me washed and groomed I text Pauline and then get some breakfast "Porridge Today" next is the Methotrexate and the Prednisolone and then get dressed ready to start the day. The first thing that I have to do today is to phone my solicitor as I have a couple of query,s about some of the paperwork he sent me, if I can get those resolved over the phone I can get the Paperwork completed and returned to him on Monday.
I have spoken to the solicitor and all is sorted so I will get everything back to him on Monday, Gervase will take it to Pauline on sunday and Pauline has kindly said she would take it in to the solicitors on monday for me, That way I do not have to rely on the postal service as I do not trust them with important papers etc. 
The next item on the agenda is to phone Portsmouth City Council , but before I can do that the phone rings and it is Pauline, She is up in Salisbury with Gordon today as she helps with his friday cleaning contract and she says it is raining up there and it has just started raining here as well so glad I am not going out today. best place is indoors in the dry.
Salisbury Wiltshire

Ok so I now phone {PCC} Portsmouth City Council to apply for a permit to take all the bits that I no longer need up to the Waste Site when I move. My brother will help with his van, but as it is not sign written we need a free permit otherwise we will be charged to dump it, this system is to stop people offering paid services to the public to dispose of rubbish without having the license  to dispose of waste material as a commercial venture.

Well that was a quick phone call I need to get my brother Pat to let me know the registration number of his van and then I can get the free permit to make 3 x Free Drops.
Next the postman arrives with the Schedule for the Myositis Support Group Meeting in Southampton next weekend so that is OK and I am looking forward to that and meeting some of the UK based members of the Myositis Facebook Groups.
It is now time for lunch and I am going to have some Tinned salmon with 3 x crisp bread, that is always tasty and a nice light lunch I will follow that with a nice Chorley cake and a cup of coffee "Tasty"
Chorley Cake Yummy 
Well that was a nice tasty lunch, feel like another Chorley cake but must not be greedy so will leave it until this evening after dinner, maybe have it warmed up with custard as my desert. so now I need to get this Journal completed and posted on my blog before settling down to an hour or so of Family History research.
The weather is been really horrible here today since about 9.45 it has not stopped raining although it has not been heavy it has been persistent.
A very wet Portsmouth at 2.30 this afternoon. 
The one saving grace is that it is not as bad as in other areas of the country as can be seen from the two following photo,s from the TV News.
Nottingham this morning
This Morning somewhere in Norfolk
 Oh well it is now time to see if the Olympic Torch Relay has been a washout today. it is now into day 49 and is going from Ipswich to Chelmsford. on a very wet Friday. here you can see the torch at the start of the day at Christchurch Mansion in Ipswich.

Christchurch Mansion, Ipswich, Suffolk.
 So that is about it from a very wet, gray and Miserable Portsmouth and it also had to be Methotrexate Friday although Fingers crossed today there has not been any ill effects as there normally is. 
It is now time to sat a fond Tatty byre to you all until tomorrow and leave you with todays "Day in History" from 1925 although for me it brings back nostalgic Memories of  1959 and Drainpipe Trousers, Winkle picker shoes and boot lace ties. "Rock and Roll People until tomorrow.

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