Saturday, July 28, 2012

Let the Games Begin.

Well that was an awesome opening Ceremony for the Olympics last night, stayed up until about 11.45 watching it in the lounge and then watched the remainder in bed. slept through until about 7.00 this morning so that was good although It did take me a while to get off to sleep once the Opening Ceremony finished anyway all is good this Morning.

London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony
Determination from Team GB
Anyway out of bed at 7.45 and off to make the coffee and to get the laptop up and running to check on Facebook and also my emails, and then I will be ready for when jo my carer arrives, That way I can get everything sorted and then get breakfast ready for when the Olympic Cycling Road race starts at 9.50. Anyway Jo does not arrive until 9.10 but she does not take long to get me washed and groomed and is then on her way, I get some breakfast of Yoghurt and a banana, and then send the morning text to Pauline. Next thing is to get dressed and then I am all ready for the Cycling to start.

So we have a nice relaxing Morning and afternoon ahead of me today. I am watching the Road Race on the BBC red Button Multi-screen which allows you to watch whichever event you want with continuous cover, so the cycling starts at 9.50 and ends at 15 55. so this is enjoyable, and it has been a good relaxing morning. At 1.30 I get some smoked haddock in butter with a poached egg and a couple of crisp bread for lunch and I enjoyed that so now a nice cup of tea and we are well away for the last 90 minutes or so of the road race as it is now 14.36. 

Well the race is going well and the British are holding their own, they are on the last 53 km which is the run in to london and the sprint down the mall, so that will be exciting.
About an hour to go from here.
So that is the state of play at the moment. so back to watching the road race and then I will be back to complete the Journal for today before getting dinner and settling down to watch a movie for the evening. I am going to watch a 1947 film tonight " The Ghost and Mrs Muir" with Rex Harrison and George Sanders. so will enjoy that I hope.

The Ghost and Mrs Muir 1947
The time is now 16.05 and the road race is over, it was good watching it and I enjoyed it but after the Tour de France, the Expectations for the UK winning our first gold medal of 2012 did not happen, in fact we were never in it, they got the tactics all wrong the winners were as follows.

So that is Olympic watching over for me until tomorrow, so I will now go and get a nice coffee and think about what to have for dinner tonight, as the movie starts at 16.45. so I will leave you with todays "Day in History" from 1866 and  a cheery goodbye until tomorrow.

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