Friday, November 9, 2012

A Better Day than Yesterday.

Mmmmmmm Colpermin
Well here we are again with another Freaky Friday Journal, Today is the day of the week that I take the most tablets, and with the introduction of Colpermin after my doctors Diagnosis of IBS I now take 3 Prednisolone, 6 Methotrexate and  3 Colpermin, Oh the joys of Myositis, Not only do I have to live and cope with DM, Dysphagia, Raynaud's and Irregular Heart beats I have now got IBS added into the equation, still it could be worse.

Today as you know is Friday the 9th of November and on Sunday the 11th of November which is "Armistice day" which commemorates the armistice which was signed on the the 11th Hour, of the 11th Day of the 11th Month 1918, to mark the end hostilities on the western front.
 After world war two the name was change to "Remembrance day " and on Sunday I will remember my "Uncle Frank" Francis Clifford Smith RN. who sadly lost his life at sea during world War 2. as you may deduce I was named after him.
Uncle Frank
Todays Carer.
 Anyway back to today. I am glad to say that after speaking to the doctor last night and getting the prescription for Colpermin, I had a better night last night and so far today it has been pretty good, hopefully if the Colpermin works for me then within a couple of days we will be back on track. anyway got up at 7.45 this morning which is a good job that I did as the carer arrives at 8.10, this is now getting beyond a joke, I need to get back to having a regular carer at the right time, anyway at least one turned up today.

Todays Paper.
Once the carer has been I text Pauline, and then I get some Porridge for Breakfast and a cup of tea, Pauline then phones me to say that they are up in Salisbury, and that the journey went well as the roads were pretty clear today. so that was OK, after I am off the phone to Pauline I get dressed and do the washing up before going round to the Tesco Express to get my Daily Paper. The weather is quite nice today with some really good sunshine and clear blue skies although there is a chill in the air, so really did need my gloves, scarf and hat to make sure I keep warm, the Photo below shows the view while walking down one of the roads to get my Paper.
On the way to get my Paper today.
Todays Lunch
Once I am back home I put the kettle on to make a coffee and then settle down to check out facebook and also my emails, once I have spent some time on the computer I have a banana, and then settle down to read the Paper and get the crossword done, before going for a lie down at 1.00 for 30 min,s and listen to the radio. at 1.30 I take another Colpermin and the at 2.00 I get myself some Sardines with a couple of Crisp bread and a Rice pudding for lunch.

Once lunch is over I settle with a cup of Fruit Tea and get to work writing this journal . The Tv is on and I am Spasmodically watching a christmas movie "Cancel Christmas" which is a 2010 made for TV Christmas Movie staring "Judd Nelson"
Cancel Christmas 2010
That was a entertaining film and now it is 3.45 and about time to get this Journal posted before the next christmas film starts at 4.00. The next film is "Santa Jr" another made for TV movie from 2002 again starring "Judd Nelson" and also "Lauren Holly"
Santa Jr 2002
So there we are another day almost over and today has been a better day, I will be taking my Methotrexate at 8.00 this evening and so hopefully I will sleep through most the yucky feeling so that it is easier tomorrow, so until tomorrow I will say Bye Bye.

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  1. Hi Frank just so you don't feel alone on Tuesday 13th I go into hospital hopefully just for the day
    for a upper Gastro-Intestinal & Colonoscopy.On the 20th its back in for a CT Pneumocolon scan so that two days prior to the examination without food & drink the nice medicine to make sure my bowel stomach. is'nt life such fun
    Regards Mike