Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Restful Wednesday.

Yes it is Wednesday again and after Yesterday which was a busy day today is going to be a day of rest I think, as after walking with a trolley around B&Q for an hour yesterday I am suffering with very achey leg muscles today, especially in the right thigh and hip. Unfortunately the aching started during the night so I did not have a very good nights sleep at all last night. I was on facebook at 4.30 this morning for 30 minutes and all I did last night was kept dozing of and waking every couple of hours. anyway once it got to 7.30 I decided that I would get a coffee made and go watch some TV in the lounge, at least the day has started brighter so perhaps that will cheer me up a bit as I feel really down today, which is not like me but its days like this when I really hate this disease.

A better Morning today.
Anyway enough of my moaning, at least I have not been affected by the floods that have affected so many people across England and Wales, I just hope that the Government will do the decent thing and give financial aide to the worst affected areas, as I think that the amount of money that has been cut from the flood defence budget has a lot to do with the problem of Flooding
Aftermath of the floods today in Old Malton, North Yorkshire.
Its blowing a Gale Pauline.
The weather although starting of Nice this morning is looking more like it is going to rain with heavy black clouds floating around above us, it is getting colder so just hope we do not get any Snow. Carol my carer arrives at 8.50 and soon has me washed and groomed and is then on her way, so I text Pauline and then go and get another coffee and get back on facebook until 9.30 when it I will get some breakfast. Pauline phones to say she has got my text and that she is out on the common with Misty but although it is dry there are a lot of black clouds coming in from the west and a strong wind blowing.

A mans got to do,
what a mans got to do.
At 9.30 I get some Breakfast and decide that today I will have a couple of rashers of bacon with two poached eggs, That went down really well and I enjoyed that so once I had eaten breakfast I get dressed and go round to Tesco Express to get the morning Paper and also some Salmon for dinner tonight. I really needed my walking stick today as that was really hard work getting round there today, the leg muscles are really painful today and it is all down to the fact that I am stubborn and refused to take the wheelchair over to B&Q yesterday.

Todays Lunch
once I am back home I make a cup of tea and then settle down to watch some TV and play Facebook games, I need to rest today as tomorrow it will be out down to the city centre with Pauline to get some bits and pieces done and get the food shopping. anyway I watch some old episodes of "My Family" and then at 1.00 I decide to have a tin of Baxter,s  Lentil and Bacon Soup for lunch, that is so nice and it goes down a treat, I really enjoyed that and must remember to get some more when we are down morrisons tomorrow.

After lunch I go and have a cat nap for an hour until 2.30, at least my leg muscles are starting to feel a lot easier now so the rest today bust have done them good, anyway as it is now 3.00 I need to get todays Journal started, there is a episode of "As time goes by" on the Gold channel so I have that on which is followed by an episode of "Keeping Up Appearances" so that is always funny, and I do enjoy these old episodes of the british sitcoms.
As Time goes by
Keeping up Appearances.
well it is now 3.50 and that is just about it for today, It has been a restful day but have not done much, I am just going to get the vegetable prepared for tonight,s dinner and then it will be time to get ready for Pointless in BBC one before I get tonight,s dinner cooked so I will leave you with a couple of Cartoons I did yesterday for facebook, 1 is for Gervase and leanne,s cat and one is a christmas themed one for a new facebook group "Myositis Smiles" that has just been set up so with that I will say Tatty Bye until tomorrow and hopefully I will be in a better frame of Mind.

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