Saturday, November 17, 2012

The weekend Begins.

Lesson to be learnt.
Yawn, Yawn, Yawn. Well that was probably the worst night yet, I tried to not take any Paracetamol last night before going to bed and could not get to sleep with this continuous ache in my lower Jaw where I had my 2 teeth removed on Thursday, anyway by 3.30 this morning I decided that Paracetamol was required and took 2 after that I slept through until 7.45. so lesson learned I think anyway it seems like it is recovering a bit today but I will take Paracetamol tonight

Todays Carer.
Anyway once I was awake I make a coffee and make my way into the lounge to await the arrival of the carer, while waiting I check my emails and facebook on the laptop and watch the Breakfast news on the TV. The Carer arrives today at 9.00 am so that is ok and soon has me washed and groomed and ready for the day ahead. The carer is Carol again so that is OK . I think she will now be my regular carer as she has been everyday this week so maybe the company are getting their selfs organised.

Once Carol has made her way to the next client I get some Porridge for breakfast and then  I text pauline to let her Know all is OK and then settle down with a coffee and the TV. Pauline phones back about 10.45 to say that all is OK, she has taken Misty out for her walk and Gordon has had a lie in . so after I have spoken to Pauline I take a walk round to Tesco Express to get the Morning Paper. It is very dull at the moment , not a nice day at all so glad I will be staying in today,
Tesco Express
Anyway once I have got the paper I go back home and settle down with a coffee to read the Paper and do the crossword. Gervase phones to make sure all is OK so we have a chat and then I watch a couple of episodes of friends on the TV, and am thinking about getting some Lunch when I get a Phone call from Pauline and gordon to sat that they are over at B&Q and that they will pop in and have a coffee with me on their way home, so  I get some soup for lunch and then about 1.45 Pauline and gordon arrive to have a quick coffee, They can,t stay long as Pauline,s Sister Janet is visiting them about 2.30.
Pauline and Gordon at Mikes Family get Together in September.
Once pauline and Gordon have gone about 2.10 I go for a lie down for an Hour and then at 3.00 I make a coffee and go into the lounge to watch some episodes of NCIS on the FX channel and follow the Portsmouth soccer match on the Local Paper website, they have a live text commentary.  At the half way stage the score is Portsmouth 0 Doncaster 1. They are playing at the Portsmouth Fratton Park soccer Stadium, which is just down the road from where I live.
Fratton park stadium.
Well it is now 5.15 and about time I got this journal finished and posted before getting dinner sorted for Tonight, The Soccer match ended with Portsmouth losing again that is 6 weeks in a row that we have lost, final score Portsmouth 0 doncaster 1. Oh well I am glad I am not paying good money to go and watch the match

So there we are then folks a very unexciting Saturday here for me today, i will be glad when the mouth starts to get less achey, anyway tomorrow It will be out shopping with Gervase so until tomorrow I will say Bye Bye .

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