Tuesday, November 6, 2012

And they wonder why people shop online.

And if they frequent the shops that Pauline and I did today they would know why.

This heading is related to the Politicians response as to why Comet, like so many other high street stores are either going into administration, or just shutting up shop and moving to virtual stores on the internet.
Comet store at Ocean retail Park
Want my Morning Coffee
Back to today and after a decent nights sleep I got up at 7.45 and made my way into the lounge with a coffee, I went online to check out my emails and facebook, and then  waited for the carer who arrived at 8.30, well she has been the nearest to 9.00 than the ones on Friday and Saturday, so did the phone calls yesterday have a positive effect, only time will tell.

Once the carer has me washed and groomed and has left for her next client, I text Pauline and then get some Breakfast, this morning I am feeling lazy and cold so just have a packet of Belvita Breakfast Biscuits with a nice mug of Hot Chocolate Complan followed by a Banana. once that is finished I pu the TV on to catch up with the news.

About 10.00 am Pauline phones to say she has had a lie in and that Gordon is about to take misty out for her morning walk on Southsea common and that she will book a taxi for 11.15 to collect me and then we will be off down to the city centre to get some shopping done. So I watch an old episode of " Ever Decreasing Circles" and then at 10.45 I go and have a shave and get ready for when Pauline arrives.
Ever Decreasing circles 1984 - 1989 TV sit com.
Well I am all ready  by 11.10, Pauline arrives with the taxi at 11.25 and we get the wheelchair loaded and off we go down to the city centre to get some shopping and banking done, so first stop is the building society.
Building Society, Commercial road precinct
Once we have finished there we make our way into Boots the Chemist to get some Complan but they only have strawberry flavour in stock, no Banana or Chocolate flavour , so I get a strawberry one and then we make our way up to Argos as I am looking at getting a new 40 inch TV and want to check Prices.
The argos store, Commercial Road Precinct.
we have a look around the store but not a great selection, everything seems to be geared towards cheap tat for christmas, oh well never mind we can look at the TV,s in Curry,s and the Sony Store later. anyway it is getting near time for a coffee and a snack, Pauline wants to look in the "Sue Ryder" charity shop in Charlotte Street so we go there before going to get a sausage roll and a coffee in "Greggs".
Sue Ryder Charity shop, Charlotte Street, Portsmouth.
Customer advisor "NOT"
We had a nice look around the Sue Ryder shop and then made our way to greggs for a coffee and a snack before going into Marks and Spencer to get some food for today and tomorrow before we do the main shop at morrisons on Thursday, once out of Marks and Spencer we go to the other end of the precinct to go into wilkinsons and then Superdrug, where I need to see if they sell Complan, Well I am sorry but as I said at the beginning of todays Journal I can see why more people are shopping on line, We asked one of the customer service advisors in Wilkinsons if they sold Complan, well we might as well have spoken to a door post, they were not in the least interested and came out with " What Complan" explained to him, to which he answered with the standard lengthy excuse of 4 words "I have no Idea".
Give me strength.
So Off over to super drug, we will certainly do better here, well I would have thought so, We are looking around for complan and me and Pauline go down different Aisles, Pauline asks a customer advisor who shows her where it is and I ask a customer advisor who goes to have a look, Pauline and the advisor come back almost at the same time with the advisor saying No, they do not sell it and Pauline saying that they only have strawberry,

Typical Salesman.
Anyway back out into the fresh air and I get myself composed and we decide that we would probably have more success checking out a new TV for Me, well I thought we would, we went into Curry,s in the precinct and saw the salesman, All I wanted to know was, What smart TV,s of 40 Inch screen size did they have and the price, but that was to hard for him to comprehend, No I dod not want a blue ray DVD Player, No I did not want a sound bar, I Only want a TV. eventually he said he would print out the details of a TV set I was interested in, at last something simple, "NO" the printer would not work, "Hello we are in a TV and Computer shop" anyway that is Currys crossed of my list.

Give me strength 2
So will we have better luck in the Sony Shop. so off we go, by this time I have had about enough , Anyway this is the last shop as Gordon is coming with the car to pick Pauline and me up and take us home. anyway into the sony shop, it seems like groundhog day "I only want a TV, I do not want all the other bits and pieces, so out of there as quickly as possible, make our way to where gordon is with the car and head back home. Tonight it will be on to the internet and get my TV that way with free delivery and also at a cheaper price, from the Currys online shop. "Simples"

Frankie,s laundry.
Well once back home it is 3.00 pm so I make coffee for me, Pauline and Gordon and then Put the shopping away,  we have our coffee and a chat and I also get a surprise phone call from my cousin Carolyn in Weymouth, we have a nice chat for 10 - 15 minutes and then afterwards Pauline sorts out my laundry to take with her and then her and Gordon make there way home and I make a coffee and then get started on todays Journal.

So there we are the end of a frustrating day, so now I am going to get this Journal finished and Posted to my blog and then settle down to a nice evening of TV with a nice Roast lamb dinner tonight although it is a Marks and Spencer ready meal, it will be easy to do and very tasty, so until tomorrow I will say Bye Bye.

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