Monday, November 26, 2012

Nice Weather for Ducks.

Quack, Quack, Quack. And that the way I feel today. The rain has been coming down all night long, and also early morning so I just hope that it clears up by 8.45 when I have to go out for my Podiatry appointment. 
Nice weather for Ducks
However I had a decent nights sleep last night again went to bed about 11.00 and slept through until about 6.45 this morning so that was OK. Pauline phoned at about 7.30 to make sure I was awake as she knew that I had my Podiatry appointment at 9.00 so I then made a coffee and went into the lounge to catch up on the morning breakfast news.
The weather is still causing Chaos over most of England and wales today, the storms from the south and Southwest have moved Northwards during the day affecting North Yorkshire and surrounding areas. Surgery has been cancelled at hospitals due to flooding, There has been landslides and wide spread flooding.

Podiatrist Appointment
Anyway at 8.30 after breakfast I get ready for when Gervase arrives to take me to the Podiatrist, Gervase arrives during a rain shower at 8.45 and at 8.50 we head of the see the Podiatrist at the Eastney Health Centre, Gervase drops me off outside and goes to park the car and I go in and report to the reception, within a couple of minutes they call me in and I am in there about 30 minutes while they treat my feet, cut my toenails and see to a couple of hard skin areas and then I am back out, into the car and heading back home, my feet feel so good and I need to make another appointment for 3 months time.

Once we get back home it is 9.45 so I text pauline and let her know I am back home and then make a coffee and wash up the breakfast things before Gordon arrives to do 2 hours flat cleaning for me. When we were shopping on Thursday last week I brought a Christmas tree Ginger cookie decorating kit for him and he did them yesterday and brought one for me to have with my coffee today.
Gordon,s ginger christmas trees.
 Anyway Gordon got here about 11.00 and once we had a coffee and turned the bed mattress I went round to get a paper while gordon makes a start on the cleaning. at 12.15 we have another coffee and then Gordon make a move back home to Pauline at 1.00,  once Gordon has left I get a nice Smoked Haddock Fillet in Butter with a couple of crispbread for lunch and then settle down to watch a couple of Christmas movies. the first one is "Santa Baby" this was made in 2006 and starred Jenny McCarthy and Ivan Sergei 
Santa Baby 2006
The film Santa baby was shown on True Movies and after that on True movies 2 i watched another Christmas film." A different kind of Christmas " made in 1996 starring Shelley Long and Barry Bostwick. 
A Different kind of Christmas 1996
Well I enjoyed both those films and now it is 5.20 and time to get this Journal posted, It has just been announced on the news that there are over 300 flood warning out for areas England and wales with more rain forecast overnight and into the early hours of the morning but it looks like it has moved away from the south coast. so It is now time to get this posted and then watch Pointless until 6.00 and then get dinner started so until tomorrow I will say Bye Bye.

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