Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Paper Plates for what?

A Good Nights Sleep
Good morning one and all and here we are on another Tuesday Morning, It was a decent nights sleep last night and although I woke a couple of times during the night I still got a good 6 hours sleep as I woke at 6.45 this morning, and I have not had a visit from the cat next door so it must be having a lie in, anyway I go and make a coffee and lie in bed listening to radio solent until 8.00 when I get up and go into the lounge to await the carer.

Google maps
Well The carers are getting better as The carer today arrives at 8.50 so that is in the designated time slot for my care plan so has the company got its act together, Well I will hold judgement on that until the end of the week, anyway I have seen this carer a couple of times now so we have a chat ad she gets me washed and groomed ready for the day ahead and then makes her way to her next client, she is not sure which is the easiest way to get to her next client so I check the best route for her on Google Maps.

On the phone to Pauline
Once the carer has left I text Pauline and then get a couple of Boiled eggs for Breakfast with a couple of Crisp bread, Pauline phones to say that all is OK there and that she will book a Taxi for 10.45 so that she can pick me up to go shopping down to the commercial  road Precinct. I have to pay my Carer Invoice for October today so we will start at the Civic Offices and make our way through the precinct from there.

True to her word Pauline arrives at 10.50 with the taxi, the wheelchair is loaded and off we go. First stop is the civic offices in the Guildhall Square to pay the care bill for October. once that is done we make our way up past the station to Wilkinsons in Arundel precinct.
Civic offices, guildhall Square, Portsmouth.
Portsmouth and Southsea Railway Station.
anyway once we are in Wilkinsons in the Arundel Precinct we have a wander round and then Pauline gets some small Paper Plates, Now this is where I get totally lost, The reason Pauline buys the paper plates is for when Gordon and Her have either Eccles cakes or other cakes at home in the evening as they sometimes get messy and it saves washing up , Well I thought that was so funny but I suppose it makes sense to Pauline, This really should be "Pauline,s lost her Marbles The Sequel" anyway we pay for the items and then make our way out into the Precinct to go into Jessop,s to have a look at camera,s.
Jessop,s in the Arundel Street Precinct, Portsmouth
Once we are out of jessop,s we go to the burger van in the Precinct by the Fountain and I have a cheeseBurger and Pauline has a Burger, Unfortunately the water Boiler is not hot enough for a coffee, so we will get a drink later on but I enjoyed the Burger.
The burger van in the Precinct
So Next stop is the Nationwide and then M&S, Boots and Tesco,s to get the rest of the shopping Especially my "Clotted cream rice Pudding and Bread and Butter Pudding" from M&S. Once we have got the shopping it is then time to Phone gordon and tell him we are ready to be collected to go home so we make our way back to the Railway station to meet Gordon with the car.

Not any pudding,s These are M&S Pudding,s
Once back home We get the shopping put away and then I make the coffee,s and we have a chat and some Biscuits and then Pauline and Gordon make their way home and as it is 3.00 I go for a lie down for 30 minutes and then I get this Journal started. Well it is now 5.00 PM so time to get this Journal posted and then a coffee and Pointless before Dinner at 6.30 and off to see Gervase and Leanne this evening, so until Tomorrow I will say Tatty Bye.


  1. Hi Frank. Wanted to let you know I have enjoyed reading your posts the last few days since I've been off face book. Also, my brother in law Eugene Shlugleit was the cinematographer for the movie "Prancer". That brought back memories !! Be well!

  2. Glad you are still enjoying my Journal and have a nice break from FB, It is interesting that your brother in law was the Cinematographer for "Prancer" it was a super movies Take care and have a great day.