Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunshine to Rain.

So here we are on a Brighter Sunday Morning, After Yesterdays Downpour at least it was a nice excuse to watch some Christmas movies and have a nice hot chocolate before going to bed.
It was another late night to bed last night so as I don't have a carer come on a Sunday it was a chance of a lie in which was just as well as due to a combination of Hot Chocolate and Late night I slept in until 8.30. so after getting up and making a coffee I head into the  lounge and put on the TV to watch the Politic shows which are on every Sunday Morning.
Once I Have drank the Coffee I text Pauline and Then get some Porridge for breakfast. The politic shows are quite interesting on a Sunday morning and it certainly is more amusing than a lot of the comedy shows that are being shown these days.

Anyway at 10.00 Pauline phones to say that she got up early to feed Misty and then went back to bed and fell asleep and has just woken up to see gordon taking Misty out for her Morning Walk on the common, at least it is still dry with the odd period of Sunshine although the sky is starting to cloud over.

Once I have spoken to Pauline I then get the laptop up and running and check out my emails and also facebook, and just sit around playing on the computer and watching the politic shows until 12.00 when it is time for Country file on BBC 1.
Country file BBC1
At 12.30 Gervase phones to say he will be round about 2.00 pm to take me shopping, good job he has the car as it looks like it is going to be a wet and windy afternoon as the weather is going down hill fast, so I get myself a tin of of Cream of Mushroom soup for Lunch and then decide to get a shave and get changed ready for when Gervase arrives to go shopping.

Well Gervase arrives at 2.10 just as we have a Downpour, anyway once it eases we get in the car and drive down to Asda at Fratton, It does not take long to get the shopping as I do not have to much to get, anyway we then decide to drive home along the seafront, the rain is absolutely coming down in Torrents, lots of lying water as the drains cannot cope and the wind is getting stronger. here are 4 Photo,s I took from inside the car as gervase is driving along.
Driving down winston churchill avenue by the University of Portsmouth
Southsea common, Lots of water and all the Seagulls are on the ground.
Southsea Seafront, No Pedestrians and lights on at 3.30 pm.
At milton Market so nearly home, Horrible weather
Once we are back home we get the shopping put away and then we have a good old chat and arrange for gervase to come round at 8.45 tomorrow morning to take me to the Health centre for a 9.00 Podiatry appointment, Gervase has a day off work tomorrow, so that is handy. anyway gervase makes a move as he is off to collect Leanne from her mum.s and then they will be off home, and I make a coffee and get this journal started for today and also to watch a Christmas Movie "The Christmas list" A 1997 made for TV Movie starring Mimi Rogers and Rob Stewart.
The Christmas List
That was a really good movie and I enjoyed that, In fact I was so engrossed in the film I am running late with todays Journal and Another Film has now started which I am also watching it is another Christmas Movie "Secret Santa" from 2003 Starring Jennie Garth but not as good as "The Christmas list"
Secret Santa 2003 Christmas film. Starring Jennie Garth,
Well Time to get this Journal Posted as it is now 6.45 and I have not even started cooking dinner yet so Until tomorrow I will say Tatty Bye and sorry the journal is late today.

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