Monday, November 5, 2012

The day that goes with a Bang.

Yes people it certainly does as today is the day that on the 5th November 1605 Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the houses of Parliment.

Morning Breakfast TV
I bet cameron is glad that Guy fawkes is not around today LOL. anyway Today has dawned sunny but cold. I had another good night last night, not so much trouble with the right thigh last night and it is easier today, although apart from going round to get a paper I have been in all day in the warm.. I got up at 9.15 today as there is no carer on a Monday, I get a coffee and go into the lounge to watch the breakfast news on BBC1.

It is a Cold Morning
I get some Weetabix for breakfast and then text Pauline, once I have finished Breakfast I check my emails and facebook and then Pauline phones to say that she is out on the common with Misty, for her morning walk but that it is very cold this morning, she also said that Gordon would be round at his normal time for the Monday cleaning, so I will wait until gordon is here before I go and get the Morning Paper.

Adult Social Care Case worker
However once Pauline is of the phone I go and make a coffee and settle to watch some TV, then the phone rings and it is my case worker from Adult Social care, she has just come back from Holiday, and is phoning t ask if the problems with Crescent have been resolved, as they have not really improved she is phoning them and then phones me back to say that they have now got everything  sorted ie, Correct Address and Phone Number, Correct time, and a  regular carer, !!!!! well we will have to wait and see what happens this week.

Gordon with my Laundry.
Well that was an interesting conversation and to cap it all the postman delivers the invoice for last months care and guess what ? They have only charged me for two days when they failed to turn up, so as Dell boy would say in Only fools and horses " What a load of Plonkers " however I will sort that out later this week, and then the doorbell rings and it is Gordon, he has come to do a couple of hours cleaning for me and pauline has also got him to bring my Clean laundry with him, so The Kettle goes on and the coffee is Made.

Pink suits you Gordon
Well once we have had a coffee and a chat, gordon makes a start on the cleaning and I go round to the Tesco Express to get a Daily Paper, and then settle down to read that until gordon is ready to have another coffee before he does the floors. It is still very cold out there but it is bright so when Gordon has done all the dusting and cleaning of the kitchen and Bathroom, We have another coffee and biscuits outside in the Sun and ten Gordon Vacuums the Lounge and Bedroom and washes the Kitchen and Bathroom Floors.

Todays Lunch. "Tasty"
Well I must say it is so nice once gordon has cleaned for me and it is appreciated, however it is now 12.00 so gordon is off back home to Pauline and I decide that I will have another coffee, check Facebook and then get some lunch. I have decided to have a cheese Omelette with two rashers of bacon today, so into the kitchen at 1.00 to get that cooked, it is easy and quick to do and I really did enjoy it.

I Like guy fawkes
So that was lunch, I make a nice cup of tea and finish the Paper, and then I go for a lie down at 2.30 until 3.15. I listen to the radio for 45 minutes  and then at 3.15 back to the laptop to get todays journal written and posted before settling down to watch some old episodes of "Last of the Summer wine" before getting dinner prepared at 6.00. It will be the other Sea Bass Fillet tonight with New Potato and Cauliflower Cheese, so that will be tasty, it will then be an evening of TV and listening to the fireworks Popping and banging all evening, but I used to like Firework Night when I was younger and also taking Gervase to Bonfire night displays when he was young so I do not really mind.
Our Global Community.

Well that is about it for today, the evenings are getting dark earlier now so indoors with the Laptop, the TV, The Heating On and a coffee next to me is the way to be. that way I will be ready for shopping tomorrow down town with Pauline. so I hope you all have a good Day/Evening wherever you are on the globe and I will be back with another edition tomorrow

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