Friday, November 30, 2012

Its a Pain in the butt today

Well I am glad that today is over and done with, this has been a "Pain in the Butt" today in a literal sense but at least I am feeling a lot happier now than I was this time yesterday.  It really is times like this that I detest this Autoimmune disease but I refuse to let it run my life although like yesterday it does sometimes win but we will fight back against it.
Not a Pretty sight
Anyway Went to the doctors this morning, the problem being that I had noticed traces of blood from my rear passage yesterday, When I phoned Dr Lake yesterday afternoon she made an emergency appointment for me to see her at 11.30 today. anyway once I arrived we had a chat and she checked my medical records and the blood works which I had done on Tuesday and all was OK, she asked several questions and then said that she needed to do a Rectal Examination. "Spooky" anyway the outcome of that examination was that there were no concerns, I had a couple of tears in the skin and that is what was causing the bleeding, also my Prostrate was slightly enlarged but there was no concerns over that so there we go, at least it has put my mind at rest, the most likely cause of all this is the combination of the effects of the medication and the IBS,

so there we go another Panic over. anyway once out of the health centre it was a taxi home and then a nice slice of toast with two poached eggs, as I had not had any breakfast this morning. I then had to text family and friends to let them know how I had got on and then on to the laptop to check out my emails and facebook.

At 1.00 I decide to have a wander round to the tesco express to get the daily paper and then get back home as I have Pauline,s Brother in law "Colin" coming in to see me this afternoon about 2.00 pm, he is bringing his son "Stewie" down to the Sunnyside medical centre for an appointment this afternoon. Stewie also has an Autoimmune condition.
Sunnyside medical centre.

Colin arrives at 2.00 and stays for an hour until Stewie phones to say he is out and ready to go home. That was a pleasant hour spent with Colin and we had a nice chat and a cup of tea.

Chicken tonight.
Once colin had left I made a coffee and had a couple of biscuits and then as it is Friday I took my Methotrexate and then went to have a lie down for 45 minutes as it has been a very tiring morning and I did not sleep well last night, I think I was fretting about seeing the doctor today. anyway once I had a lie down I felt that it was time to get the Vegetable prepared ready for Dinner tonight, I am going to have roast Chicken tonight with Potato, Sprouts, Cauliflower, Broccoli and Gravy, so am looking forward to that

It is now just turned 5.00 and it is nearly time for the quiz game "Pointless" so I am going to get todays Journal posted and watch Pointless while dinner is cooking so until tomorrow when the journal will return to normal I will say Tatty bye and sorry I missed out yesterdays Journal.
Pointless Quiz Show

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