Friday, November 2, 2012

And Another Friday has arrived

Watching the Morning TV
Yes folks another friday comes around and we all know that means one thing and one thing only for me It is Methotrexate day. anyway had a decent nights sleep last night and woke at about 6.45 this morning, lazed around in bed until about 7.15 then got up and made a coffee and then as usual into the lounge to watch the morning news. I was sitting watching the News and at about 8.00 the door bell rings, I answer the door and it is the Carer, It is the same one that came at the beginning of the week, Now my care plan is for 9.00 +/- 15 minutes so I was surprised to see her so early anyway according to her client sheet my time is for 8.00 am Oh well better early than late but this company really are disorganised.

Wash the Breakfast Dishes
Well it does not take the carer long to get me washed and groomed and then she is on her way so I get myself some weetabix for breakfast and then log on to the laptop to check out Facebook and emails before I text Pauline at 9.00. Once I have text pauline I go and wash up the breakfast things and then make another coffee before taking my Methotrexate and settling down for a morning of 1980,s sitcoms on the Gold Channel.

Well it is a Swallow
Pauline phones me at about 9.30 to say that all is ok, Gordon is on the way to salisbury as he has several jobs up there today and he is also taking charlie back home with him, anyway the postman comes and has delivered two letters, one is from the Podiatry department confirming my appointment with a Podiatrist next week, and the other is from my Neurologist enclosing a copy of the letter he has sent to my GP following my appointment with at the hospital last month and requesting that my GP arranges a follow up  "Barium Swallow" to see how much improvement has been made with my swallowing since last year. I have yearly "LFT" and Barium swallow test,s.

Back to watching the TV and starting to feel the affects of the Methotrexate, I decided to take it earlier today but on second thoughts should have left it until this evening, but as it was the only medication for today I wanted to get it over and done with, there seems to be a break in the weather now and it is almost 11.00 so will go round to Tesco Express and get my Paper and ten I can have a lie down when I get back, anyway gets round and back with my newspaper just as it starts another rain shower, and that is the way te weather is today showers and bright spells.

One of todays Brighter spells from my back door
Once I am back from Tesco Express I go for a lie down for an hour and then at 1.00 I get myself a couple of Boiled eggs with a couple of crisp bread for lunch and then settle down to an afternoon of TV until 4.00 when I decide to get todays journal written and Posted before watching Pointless at 5.15 and then at 6.30 it will be time to get dinner. As it is Freaky Friday I will be having an easy to prepare Steak in ale with Cheesy Mash ready meal from Morrisons, it is easier to have a ready meal on Freaky Friday as all it needs is 30 minutes in the oven with no preparation.
Tonight,s Dinner 
Well it is now 5.10 and I need to get this journal posted to my blog for all to see and then I can settle down to watch Pointless. so as you can see not a very active day today but at least the yucky feeling is now starting to ease , so that is ok but an early night tonight I think, anyway that is how it is with this myositis, you take the good with the bad but at least the good days outweigh the bad so until tomorrow I will say tatty bye. and leave you with the news that the readership of this journal is increasing all the time. last october there were 1.492 people who read the journal, this october there were 2876 who read it so thank you folk, October this year has been the best month so far, it is increasing all the time.  

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