Friday, November 16, 2012

The day after the Dentist.

Ahhh Pizza
Yes folks it s the Day after the Dentist and so far so good, the downside is that it is Friday so today is also Methotrexate day, Not a good combination really. After a day of just Soup to eat it is nice to think that I will hopefully be able to eat something a little different today.

A Decent nights sleep.
I had a early night last night and had a decent night sleep, I thought I might have a problem if I turned during the night and laid on my left side so I took a couple of Paracetamol before going to bed and that seemed to do the trick, and  although I did wake twice during the night I did go right back of to sleep and this morning although my jaw is sore and achey it is ok, the only thing is that today I have to rinse my mouth with a warm saline solution after eating.

Carol my Carer
Once I was awake this morning I , got up at 7.15 to make a coffee and then took that back to bed to listen to the radio, before going into the lounge to watch the Early morning news on the TV and to check out emails and facebook while waiting for the carer to arrive. Carol the carer arrives at 9.15 so that is Ok and we have a chat and then she gets my face and neck washed and hair combed so that I am ready for the day ahead. The ability to raise my arms and hands above my shoulder line is getting a lot better and I am hopeful that at some point on the near future I may not need a carer but in the meantime I am grateful for the assistance they give me.

Todays Breakfast
While Carol is here, Pauline phones to make sure I am OK, She and gordon are up in Salisbury today, anyway all is OK, Once I have finished speaking with Pauline I get myself some Porridge for breakfast and make a coffee and then settle down with the laptop to see what is happening in the local Paper, and then do a little bit of Genealogy research before getting dressed and taking a walk round to Tesco Express to get te daily Paper. once I am back home I settle down with a coffee to read the paper and do the crossword.

Well the morning is progressing along quite nicely, and I am now watching some old episodes of Outnumbered from 2007, this is a family sitcom that was shown on BBC1 and is now shown on the "Watch" Channel it stars Hugh Dennis and Claire Skinner. it is very funny. there is a 5th series starting next year on BBC 1
Outnumbered BBC1 Sitcom 2007
Pudsey Bear
Once Outnumbered had finished it was 1.00 so I went for a lie dow n for 30 minutes before getting some lunch, I decided that for lunch I would have a small tin of Mackerel Fillets in sunflower oil and a couple of crisp bread. That was very tasty and once I had finished it was time for the dreaded Saline mouth wash "Yuck", but it has to be done, as it is now turned 2.00 I decide to get started on todays Journal. at 3.00 I decide to go and make a coffee and then prepare the Potato and Cauliflower read for dinner tonight. as It will be an early dinner tonight as tonight on BBC 1 it is the "Children in need" Charity evening with Pudsey Bear. Last year the BBC Children in need "Telethon" raised over 26 million pound,s for children,s charities in the UK. It is always a very good star studded evening of TV it starts at 7.30 pm and goes on until 1.30 am as  tonight,s show is Hosted by Terry Wogan,  Feame Cotton and Tess Daly. with appearances by a host of stars from Music, Film and TV. along with Fund raising groups from around the Country.
Terry Wogan, Feame Cotton and Tess Daly
well it is now almost 4.00 pm. It has been a very relaxing day today so far, the jaw is still aching from yesterday but is easier than it was this morning so I will take another couple of Paracetamol about 5.00 and then it will be a dinner of Salmon, Potato and Cauliflower cheese at 6.00, and then I will take my Methotrexate about 8.00 and a relaxing evening of TV and Children in Need, so with that in mind I will say Tatty bye until tomorrow.

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