Sunday, November 18, 2012

Another Sunny Sunday.

And here we are on another Very sunny sunday Morning. It is a Beautiful day today and although it is very chilly it is a clear blue sky and a bright Sunshine as I look out of my Back door this Morning.
An excellent bright Morning today a 9.00 am.
Wakey, Wakey, Frankie.
Last night was a really great nights sleep, Went to bed about 10.00 pm Listened to Radio solent for an Hour and then went to sleep about 11.00 and apart from waking at about 4.30 this morning for the Bathroom I slept through until about 8.15. when I made a coffee and took back to bed until 9.15 when I got up to go into the lounge. It is nice on a Sunday as I do not have a carer as I like to have a lie in at least one day a week.

My Boiled Egg for breakfast
Once I am up and dressed I text pauline and then I get a couple of boiled eggs for breakfast with a couple of crispbread. It was very tasty and then after breakfast I make another coffee and settle down with the laptop to check out my emails and to see who is about on Facebook.

Pauline Phones back to say that she is up and about and that Gordon is out on the common with Misty, taking her for her morning walk, we have a chat and then once we have finished I get the washing up done and then have a shave and settle down to watch the current affair program on the TV . Gordon sends a text to say that it is a excellent day out on the common and very quiet with not a lot of people around at the moment.

Southsea Common this morning, with the Isle of Wight on the horizon
anyway the morning progresses along quite quickly, I speak to Gervase about 12.30 and he will be round at 2.00 so that he will take me shopping so as I did not get up until late this morning and had a late breakfast I just have a Yoghurt and a Banana for lunch today at about 1.15. and then go on the computer to do a little bit of family history research until Gervase arrives at 2.00.
It is nice to see Gervase and we decide that as I have not got very much to get that we would go to Asda at the bridge centre to get the shopping.
Asda at Fratton Bridge Centre (Stock Photo)
It does not take long t get the Shopping and then  we decide to drive home along the seafront, it is not that busy this time of the year but it is a very pleasant drive in the sunshine.
Southsea Seafront and Spit bank fort.
Once back home We get the shopping put away and then gervase makes his way home, and I get the vegetables prepared for Dinner tonight and then go and take a coffee to the lounge to get this Journal written for today and to watch some episodes of "Friends" on the Comedy Central Channel. so that is about it for today So I will leave you with a cartoon I Posted on Facebook Yesterday and say Bye Bye until tomorrow.


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