Thursday, November 8, 2012

Not a Good day today.

Well I do not usually use bad language and I try to be very tolerant of this Disease but today I just have to say "What a crappy day it has been today" It is on days like this when I really do hate being so dependent on other people and yes I do really feel like standing in the middle of the room and "Screaming" but knowing that will only make me feel worse I will just soldier on knowing that tomorrow is another day.

Thats Better
It all started about 3.00 am this morning when I awoke with stomach cramps and no matter what I did I could not get comfortable, I got a couple Gaviscon tablets but they did not seem to make much difference, the pain was not severe but it was very uncomfortable, anyway I had flatulence as well which seemed to bring some relief for a short period of time anyway that is how it went from 3.00 until 7.30 when I got up and made a coffee, so it was a very restless night just dozing on and off.

Taxi Here.
Anyway I take the coffee into the lounge and watch the Breakfast news on TV. Pauline phones at 8.00 to make sure I am up as I have my Podiatry appointment at 9.15, So I tell her I have a taxi booked at 9.00 to take me to the health centre. anyway I get a shave and get dressed, the stomach still feels very uncomfortable and the twinges and cramps come and go, I get a couple of weetabix for breakfast but that does not seem to help much, anyway The taxi arrives at 9.00 and off I go to see the Podiatrist.

Foot loose and fancy free
Well I am at Eastney health centre at 9.05 so have a 10 minute wait however I report to the desk and I am called straight in, today is just a first appointment to see what treatment is required and to take details of Medication I take etc, the Podiatrist looks at my feet and can see the problem, I have to explain about what " Myositis" is, anyway the outcome is that I am eligible for treatment on the NHS, and now I have to phone the NHS Podiatry service tomorrow, to make an appointment for 2 weeks time.

Anyway that didn't take long so I phone for a taxi ti take me home. I am back indoors by 9.40 so I phone Pauline and let her know I am home, she asks if I still want to go shopping and I said yes as I will not let this disease totally run my life, so pauline will book a Taxi to take us to Morrisons at 11.30, that way we can have a snack first before we do the shopping. so at 11.30 Pauline arrives , we get the wheelchair into the taxi and off we go to morrisons.
Morrisons, Victory Retail Park, Portsmouth
Out Shopping with Pauline
 we have a Sausage roll and a coffee and then go round the store and get the shopping, it is so easy to get around in the wheelchair in Morrisons, that is one of the reasons I like coming here, anyway we get what we want and then go and get it all paid for, and then make our way outside. Pauline gets it packed neatly into the big bags we brought from home and then I phone for a taxi to take us home, it is 1.15 so it has only been here 90 minutes which is just as well as it is uncomfortable sat in the wheelchair so I get out and walk a bit with my stick while waiting for the taxi.

Once back home, I make a coffee for me and Pauline , we then get the shopping put away, and then I decide to phone the doctor and see what they have to say about my stomach cramps and flatulence. The Doctor will phone me back so Pauline makes her way home and I get settled with  the TV and wait for the doctors phone call. The doctor Phones and we have a chat and I go through the symptoms and describe the problem, she does not think it is a stomach virus and is sure is to do with the change in Lansoprazole dosage  and the introduction of the Laxido last week by doctor Tyrell, anyway she writes a prescription for Colpermin to be collected from reception and to phone doctor tyrell tomorrow if it does not get easier.

I phone Pauline and let her Know and she said she will go and collect it and get the medication from the chemist and then she drops them round to me about 4.15, she really is an amazing lady so "Thank You Pauline" anyway once Pauline makes her way back home I get a coffee and settle down to get this journal written before getting a light fish meal tonight, It is weird,  as I have not lost my appetite, feel bloated, or going to the toilet more frequently, it is just this flatulence and stomach cramps that is so annoying, anyway enough of my moaning, sorry it is a short journal today, hopefully tomorrow will be a better day, but then again it is going to be "Methotrexate Day" so Who Knows. anyway until tomorrow "Adios"

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