Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Its another Lazy day ahead.

And here we are again, "Same flat", "Same Television, Same Coffee, Different Carer,  yes and another different carer again today and at a different time, oh this is so much fun,   in fact I could reinvent the card game snap and you would have to match the same carer to win.
"Well" it could work LOL
Morning coffee
As you can probably tell by the above, not a lot to write about today really, Not such a good nights sleep last night I didn't get off to sleep until about 12.00 and then was awake at 2.30 and then again at 6.45, so was up and in the kitchen with a coffee by 7.45, just incase the carer came early.

Your Time is 9.00 am
Anyway once I have had a coffee I take another coffee into the lounge and watch the Breakfast news on BBC 1. as I expected it is mainly about the Elections in the USA and the news that Obama won. I know very little about the American elections but there were some very good interviews with some American students over here studying in the UK.  Anyway the Carer today arrives at 9.30 instead of arriving early as yesterday at 8.30, today it is late at 9.30. the law of averages say that at some time they will arrive on time at 9.00.

M27 Motorway
Well once the carer has got me washed and groomed she is on her way, I now need to phone the care agency and cancel the carer for tomorrow as I have an early appointment with the Podiatrist and I cannot chance waiting for a carer as I do not know what time they will arrive. So anyway once I have done that Pauline phones to say that all is Ok and that Gordon is late getting to work at Salisbury today ,as there was a 4 car accident on the M27 Motorway and the motorway was closed for an hour. which is not good.

Morning Paper.
Well once I had a chat with Pauline I get some Porridge for breakfast and then get dressed and head of round to Tesco Express to get the daily Paper. It is a pleasant sunny morning but cold so wrap up warm and take a slow stroll round the block on the way to Tesco. Once I have the paper I head back home and into the warm where I make a coffee and settle down to read the Paper, before going online and checking out my emails and facebook.

The time is going by quite fast this morning and I have always been intrigued with the places in the USA which have the same names as places in the UK so I am going to get a few historic pictures up for my American Myositis friends showing the two places together and today I have started with the city in the UK where I live which is Portsmouth

A Tasty Lunch
Well it is now almost 12.15 so time for a cat nap and then I can get some lunch sorted, so I go for a lie down for 30 minutes to get the back straightened out and then I get myself some Marks and Spencer "Cream of Vegetable soup" for lunch with a couple of crisp bread and very nice and tasty it is to, nothing like a bowl of hot soup on a cold day.

Reveal heart Monitor and hand set
once I have had lunch I watch a bit of TV before settling down at 3.00 pm to get todays edition of my daily journal written, The postman comes just after 3.00 with a letter from the Cardiac department of the QA Hospital to say that my next date to download the information from my Reveal Heart Monitor is on Sunday the second of December.  so need to put that in the diary so as I do not forget, it is done by a machine that takes the information from my reveal heart monitor that is implanted in my chest and transfers it to the Hospital visa the telephone.

Well it is now 4.00 and I have a phone call from my Cousin Maureen in Canada. She has phoned to say that she has found a book written by "John Nettles" about the occupation of Jersey during the second world war, this is interesting as my ancestors lived in Jersey and some were still there during World war two and there are still distant relatives still living in Jersey. so we also had a nice chat and we were talking for about 20 minutes so that was nice, if you remember Maureen and her Husband Ken were over here in September for a Family get together.

Cousin Maureen from Canada on the left with Cousin Carolyn from Weymouth at Family get together.
Well that was a really great chat we had and I must phone and speak to Maureen on a more regular basis, anyway it is now 4.45 and nearly time for Pointless at 5.15 so I will bid you all a fond farewell until tomorrow when I will be back with the Podiatry and  Morrisons Shopping edition, So Until Tomorrow Cheerio.


  1. Portsmouth, New Hampshire is a "must visit" destination for me in late summer because of the glorious flowers, cared for by the horticultural students at the nearby University (my alma mater). Sorry to say I have never visited your lovely seaport in Hampshire. :(

  2. Hi Terry. Thank you for your comment. I have never been to the USA, My son has been there to New Orleans and he is going back again next year for the Carnival, We have many US Naval ships visit Portsmouth and it is a very busy seaport and naval Dockyard.