Sunday, November 4, 2012

Weird Weird Weather on a Sunday

Well what do you know, Woke up this morning to a multitude of weather conditions, we had , Rain, Hail, Thunder and lightning and Sunshine all in a 2 hour time scale and further west in Dorset they even had Snow.

Taking the Wheelchair Today. 
Anyway, had a decent nights sleep and had a lie in until 8.45 when I made my way into the lounge with a coffee and some Porridge for breakfast, once I had finished breakfast I phoned pauline and had a chat with her and gordon and then after checking facebook and  my emails I went and had a shave and got dressed read for when gervase arrives to take me shopping,  I am having trouble with my right thigh and hip today, so thank you damp and cold weather so it will definitely be the wheelchair today, so hope Gervase is feeling fit.

The reason we are going shopping is that they are looking after Elaine,s two dogs this weekend and one is very nervous with all the firework displays and the banging noises from the fireworks so Gervase and leanne are going to the cinema this afternoon so that they will be at home with the dogs this evening.

Firework Display at Gunwharf on Friday.
Gervase phones at 10.30 to say he is on his way to me so he arrives about 10.45 and we are going to go up to Sainsburys at Farlington for a change, I have not got a lot of items to get but it will be a nice trip up to there. and the eastern road will not be that busy at this time of the day.
The view from the car as we travel up the Eastern Road.
As you can see the roads are very quiet for a sunday, probably due to the very changeable weather anyway it does not take long and we are approaching Farlington which is where Sainsburys is and it is just of of Portsea Island.
We have just eft the Eastern road and approaching Sainsburys at Farlington.
Sainsburys at Farlington.
Once we have parked the car off we go into Sainsburys to get the items we need. It does not take long and then we are back into the car and off back home, we decide to have a drive along the seafront on the way home as we have made good time today so we take a short trip along the Eastney Esplanade before returning home. to get the shopping put away.
A Nice quiet deserted sea front with the Isle of Wight on the horizon and the storm clouds brewing.
Another view of the clouds over the solent.
Todays Lunch
Well once back indoors the heating goes on, the shopping gets put away, and the coffee is made. Gervase has to make his way back home as it is now 1.20 and he needs to get ready for the cinema. Once he is on his way I decide to have a nice hot dish of Bacon and Lentil soup for lunch and then I can go for a lie down for half an hour before settling down to get todays journal written and posted.

Well that is about my day over, the weather has been overcast today but with a cold wind so I have been indoors this afternoon which is the best place to be. I had a nice lie down for 30 minutes and then back to the Lounge and the TV, it is now 4.35 and will soon be time to start preparing dinner, I got a couple of nice sea bass fillets n Sainsburys so will have them tonight for dinner with some nice new potato,s and a broccoli cheese bake.

Tonight,s Dinner before I start on cooking them sea Bass Fillets
My home cooked Broccoli Cheese Bake.
Well then folks that is about it for today, hopefully the weather will be a lot brighter tomorrow, and hopefully so will my leg, anyway I need to get this journal finished and Posted, as I have made myself hungry and am ready for dinner, so until tomorrow I will say Adios. 

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