Thursday, November 15, 2012

The dental visit.

Well here we are the dreaded Thursday the 15th November. and today we will Know "The Tooth, The Hole Tooth, And nothing but the Tooth" Yes folks today is the day of the visit to the Dentist, So Todays Journal will most probably be short and sweet. I woke fairy early this morning, Not looking forward to going to the dentist so that has probably been playing on my mind. anyway drag myself out of bed and into the kitchen to get the coffee and then into the lounge to check facebook and emails while waiting for the carer, "why am I so nervous about the dentist ?" The truth is I have always been afraid of dentists and to be honest over the years have not looked after my teeth at all, and they were in a pretty bad state before I started on this medication, and now after almost 2 years of Prednisolone and Methotrexate it has got to the stage where I really do need to have them sorted out and get the work done.
Are you coming out today with me.

So today is the 3rd appointment with the dentist, the first was an initial appointment, second was descaling and now today is the dreaded extraction in fact I need 4 teeth out in total plus two fillings and a good clean and then " they will have to get a couple of False teeth plates made, anyway I am having this all done over a period of visits so today apparently it will be 1 Extraction.

However all that aside I wait for the Carer who arrives at 9.30. It is Carol, the same carer as yesterday and again she has a busy day and is already running late, anyway she gets me washed and groomed and then she is on her way, while Carol is here Pauline phones to say she has booked a taxi for 10.55 to come and collect me to go to the dentist as the appointment is for 11.25. so I have 30 minutes to watch a little TV and just have a complan and banana for breakfast before having a shave and getting dressed ready for when Pauline arrives. Pauline arrives at 11.00 and after bringing my clean laundry in which she has brought with her we get in the Taxi and off to the Dentist in Outram Road.
Dental Surgery, Outram Road, Southsea, Portsmouth.
Once in the Dentist we only have a 10 minute wait until I am called in and then I have an injection in the gum and the dentist gets to work, in fact although I thought he was only doing one of the extractions today he in fact did two of them. He took out the two at the bottom and next time he will take the two from the top, well I did not find that as traumatic as I thought I would, in fact I felt nothing at all and I was back out of the Dentists room within 20 minutes, nothing like I remembered from my last visit to a dentist many years ago, how things and procedures have changed. Anyway I am glad that it is over with for today. my next appointment is in December, so hopefully I will not worry about that so much, problem is my mouth on the left is numb and I cannot eat or drink until the numbness goes in about 3 or 4 hours.

Well I am glad that is all over, so we phone for a Taxi and off we go back home, Once indoors I go for a lie down and Pauline goes round to get some tins of soup from tesco express and then comes back and sits and reads her book while I am having a cat nap, anyway I go back into the lounge at about 2.00 and the numbness is starting to go so I have a small cup of tea and then see that Pauline has bought some Flowers for me, w put these in a vase and then As I am OK I tell Pauline that she is welcome to stay here but I am sure she has things to do at home, so Pauline makes her way back home after making sure that if I need anything that I must Phone her. anyway once Pauline has gone I make a coffee and then settle to get todays Journal written, I stop at 4.00 to have a tin of chicken soup and then carry on with the Journal.

Well Folks, that is about is for today, sorry it is so short but I am feeling very tired and a bit sore in the mouth now that the anesthetic  has worn off, so I have taken a couple of Paracetamol and going for a quiet lie down and hopefully I will feel a bit more awake for when my son Gervase visits tonight on his way home from work. So I will post this Journal and until tomorrow I will say Cheerio.

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