Monday, November 12, 2012

A Tablet free Monday.

Whooo Hooo, Today is "almost" a tablet free Monday, the only tablet,s I take today is 1 x 5 mg Folic acid in the morning and 1 x 15 mg Lansoprazole 30 minutes before dinner tonight, it will be a good day today apart from the weather that really is dire today.
Langston Harbour, Portsmouth, Live webcam at Eastney Marina.Today
It looks like the Rain is in for the day today, I had a decent nights sleep and woke about 6.30 this morning, made a coffee and took back to bed to listen to the Radio as there is no carer this morning so I can have a bit of a lie in anyway decided to open the window for a little while to get some fresh air and to air the bedroom, Laying there listening to the Radio when there was a thump on the Widow sill and the cat from next door had come to visit.
The Morning Visitor
Its Breakfast Time.
He decided to curl up on the bed with me until I got up at 8.30 when he made his way back out. So, into the Kitchen another coffee and into the lounge to catch up on the Breakfast news and then at 9.30 I text pauline and then get a boiled egg and a banana for breakfast.

Pauline Phones to say all is ok with them and as Gordon is coming round to do some cleaning for me today, would I get my dirty laundry ready so he can take it back with him, so that is the next job to do after going online with the laptop and checking out facebook and also my emails. I had a nice email from my Cousin Maureen in Canada. she has sent me some Photographs that they took over here in september at the Family get together, and there is a very nice one of my cousin Michael (Maureen,s Brother) in Fareham cooking the Crepe,s at the Family get together.
The "Chef" of the year
Get the washing up done.
Anyway once I have finished on the laptop I go and get the breakfast dishes washed up and then go and sort out the laundry ready for when gordon gets here, I then make another coffee and go and settle in front of the TV until Gordon arrives at about 10.45 when I go and make a coffee for the man and we have a chat for 10 minutes.

Daily Paper
Once we have had a chat, gordon gets started on the cleaning for me and then I go and take a walk round to Tesco Express to get a daily paper, it is very damp out today and not at all nice so need to wear a hat today as I find it difficult to use an umbrella when I am using a Walking stick. anyway once I have the Paper I make my way back home and then settle down with the paper until gordon is ready for his Tea & Biscuit break.

I Think Gordon has fixed the scales
Once gordon has got all the cleaning and Dusting done it is tea break time and we have Chocolate Malted Milk and also Jam and Cream Biscuits today. Gordon then washes then vacuums through and also washes the Kitchen and Bathroom Floor, and then it is the weekly weigh in, Gordon is now below 12 stone and I am still almost 12.5 stone, this is not fair so I phone Pauline and tell her she has to get Gordon a full english breakfast every day as I am determined to get my weight lower than him, I would like to get to 11.5 stone.

Smoked haddock.
Once we have had the weigh in we have another coffee and then Gordon makes his way back home and I finish reading the paper and do the crosswords, at 1.45 I decide to have some lunch and today I will have a small boil in the bag Smoked Haddock with a couple of crispbread and then go for a lie down for 30 minutes before getting this journal written and posted and then it will be time for Pointless.

And that is how my day has been, A very enjoyable day, now I need to get the Journal posted and then settle down for an evening of TV, and dinner at 6.45 so I will leave you with Myo Man Dreams Cartoon Strip Number 14 and see you all tomorrow. Bye Bye.

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