Monday, November 19, 2012

Not the best of days today.

Saline Rinse.
Well After a few decent nights last night was the worse night for some time, for some reason could just not get a decent period of sleep, I had and still have a sore throat which seem to have arisen since I had the two teeth out. The gums are healing and getting along very nicely but it is the rinsing the Mouth with a hot saline solution ( 1 teaspoon of Salt in a glass of hot water) after every meal for 3 days. I think that last night I just got carried away and the water was two hot and I think I just burnt my throat, anyway as the day has gone along it has got easier and no more rinsing with a saline solution for me.

Anyway I got up about 8.15 and made my way into the lounge, There is no carer today so that is ok, so I put on the TV for the breakfast news and then Text Pauline to wish her luck as she has her appointment for the Ultrasound and Biopsy on her Thyroid This morning at the QA Hospital. Pauline phones back at about 9.00 to say that she and Gordon are on the way up to the hospital and that they will pop in and see me on the way back home.
Queen Alexandra Hospital Outpatients Dept C Level.
Once pauline has phoned I get some weetabix for breakfast and then make another coffee and get the laptop fired up and check out the emails. My Cousin Maureen who lives over in Alberta Canada sent me a Photograph,s of her and ken out in the Snow. to cold for me but such a pretty picture of where they live in Canada.
once I have checked out the emails and Facebook I make a coffee, Just as Pauline and Gordon turn up at about 10.45. They were saying that Her appointment was for 9.45 and they were back out by 10.05 so that was quick, Pauline now needs to Phone the consultant to let him know the scan and Biopsy has been done and then she will need to wait for her next appointment with him to get the results.
Reading the Newspaper
We have a chat and Gordon will be bringing Pauline round tomorrow so that she can take me shopping and He will do a couple of hours cleaning for me and then come and collect us from town once we have finished. once we have had a chat Pauline and gordon make a move and I take a walk round to the Tesco Express to get a daily paper. once I have the paper I make my way back home and settle down with a coffee to read the paper and do the crossword.

Once I have read the paper and done the crossword I decide that I need to go and have a bit of a lie down before getting lunch so go and have a cat nap until 1.30 when I get up, go into the kitchen and get myself a nice piece of Smoked haddock with a couple of crispbread for lunch. Once I have finished lunch I make a coffee and settle down to watch some old sitcoms on TV before doing the washing up and getting the vegetable prepared for tonight, s dinner and the at 3.15 I settle down to get this journal started and to watch a christmas movie on TV. The movie is "A hobo's Christmas" A made for TV Movie from 1987 starring Barnard Hughes and Gerald McRaney.
"A Hobo's Christmas"
Well the time is now 4.50 and it is time to go back over to BBC1 and get ready for the Quiz show "Pointless" but first I need to get this journal posted and then make a coffee. well at least I am feeling a bit brighter now than i did this morning but still have a sore throat, so I will get this Journal Posted and so Until tomorrow I will say Tatty Bye.

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