Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Lazy Day Today

It Certainly has turned out to be a very lazy Saturday today, The weather has not been at all pleasant very dull and damp, hopefully it will be better tomorrow for the Remembrance service at the Royal Naval War Memorial at Southsea common.

Royal Navy War Memorial at Southsea Common, Southsea, Portsmouth
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Not Happy
It was a really good nights sleep last night only woke up once for the bathroom and woke about 7.00 this morning, lazed in bed with the radio but had to get up at 7.55 as the carer arrived This is getting beyond a joke now my time for the carer is 9.00 and that is what I set my morning routine to, so give it another week and if Crescent has not got its act together then I will get a complaint into the "Care Commission" as the company has had enough time and meetings to get there self,s organised.

Anyway it is not the carers fault, also a good job that the carer has been here before as her client sheet still has the old address on it. anyway once she has me washed and groomed I get myself dressed and then get some breakfast, I took my Methotrexate in the evening yesterday so feeling a bit yucky still today so won't be up to much, anyway I text pauline and then get settled to check out the email,s and also Facebook. Pauline phones to say that all is OK there and did I want to go with them to the Remembrance service at the war memorial tomorrow, That is nice as my Uncle frank was killed at sea in WW2 aboard HMS Javelin and Gordon,s Uncle lost his life on HMS Hood in WW2
HMS Hood
HMS Javelin

Once I had finished talking to Pauline, I decided to go round to the tesco express and get my Morning Paper and then I can get back home and watch some movies on TV as the weather has not improved, it is now 9.30 and there is a film on at 10.00 am that I want to watch on the Christmas 24 Channel.
Portsmouth Weather at 9.00 am this morning
Well got my paper so back home, make a coffee and in front of the TV and this is where my day of doing nothing starts. the film that is on at 10.00 am is " Prancer"  A Family Christmas film starring Rebecca Harrell and Sam elliott. This film was made in 1989
Prancer 1989
 That was a very good entertaining film which is just what is needed when getting over the yucky feeling of Methotrexate, the film finished at 11.45 so time to get a cup of tea made before the next one starts at 12.00. this one is "The 12 Dogs of Christmas" this is another Christmas film made in 2005 and starring Jordan-claire Green and Tom Kemp.
the 12 dogs of Christmas 2005
At 2.00 when the film finishes I go and make some lunch, today I have made a omelette and 2 rashers of bacon after lunch I get the washing up done and then it is time to watch film number 3 over on the Gold Channel. this is a very funny comedy called "See Spot Run" made in 2001 and starring David Arguette, Michael Clark Duncan and Leslie Bibb.
See Spot Run 2001
well that is enough TV for today I think, it is now 4.00 pm so it is time to get the dinner prepared ready for cooking at 6.00 and then a nice evening of listening to the radio and getting some Family History research done, with a bit of face book in between.

It is now 6.00 so time to get the dinner started, so i will get this Journal finished and posted and leave you with no 13 of the "Myo Man Dreams" Comic strip. so until tomorrow I will say Bye Bye.

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