Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Remembrance Sunday Edition.

Well here we are then people today is the 11th of November and Remembrance Sunday which also happens to be Armistice day as well. Today we will remember those who gave the Ultimate Sacrifice so that we could be where we are to day, and also pay our thanks to all our brave serviceman of today.

2 minutes silence
Well it was a decent nights sleep last night and although I woke a couple of times during the night for a few minutes I slept through from about 11.30 pm until 8.00 am this morning almost 8.5 hours. anyway now it is time to get up and get my butt into gear as a busy day today. I make a coffee and have some weetabix for breakfast before texting Pauline, who phones back to say that all is OK with them, I say that to save gordon coming to collect me this morning, I will get a Taxi down to them at 10.00 am as they are going to take me to the Remembrance Service at the War Memorial on Southsea Common for the 11.00 service.

Once I have spoken to Pauline I phone and book a Taxi for 9.50 and then check out facebook and emails quickly before getting a shave and getting dressed ready for the day ahead, a lot of my ancestors fought in many conflicts through the centuries and were in the Royal Navy/Marines or in the Army. so it is fitting that we remember them Especially those who lost their lives.

The Taxi arrives at 10.45 a little early but I am ready, the driver gets the wheelchair in the car and off we go to Pauline,s. Once I get to Pauline and Gordon,s , Pauline comes out to help get the wheelchair  into the forecourt and I go in to get greeted by a very Excited "Misty" anyway we have a coffee and then we are ready to leave to go over to the War Memorial at 10.20. Misty is all ready to go.
Misty all ready to go
where as Charlie the cat, is not at all impressed and just wants to be left in peace on the Kitchen window sill enjoying the Sunshine.
Its "charlie" the cat 
Anyway once we are all ready we make a move, as we get out to the pavement we see Pauline and Gordon,s Neighbour "Izzy" who is also going to the War memorial so we all go over together, I walk pushing the wheelchair to the bottom of the road and then I need to be wheeled by Pauline and Gordon, Misty is very good on her lead, as we cannot let her run free on the common today. Because of the Motorcycles. Todays service is arranged by the "Riders" Branch of the Royal British Legion. They come from all over the South of England and the Bikes range from Vespa Scooters to Harley Davidson,s and all models, types and sizes in between.
Some of the many 100,s of Bikes here today, Pauline in the white coat enjoyed chatting to the Riders..
We make our way through the many hundred of bikes up to the War memorial ready for the service which starts at 10.55 and at 11.00 the gun is fired at HMS Nelson to mark the start of the 2 minutes silence and again at 11.02 to mark the end, Misty is not happy with the bang but just lies still "Bless Her" The service i short and lasts about 20 minutes including the laying of the wreaths. The service is also attended by members of the HMS Hood Association.
The Southsea Royal Navy war memorial
Izzy, Pauline, Gordon and Misty Enjoyed as well as I Did and the weather stayed sunny with not a cloud in the sky.
Pauline and Gordon with Izzy making a fuss of Misty
Here I am with Gordon and Misty.
Once the service is over we go and look at the names on the memorial and I take a photograph of my Uncle Frank "Francis Clifford Smith" who lost his life at sea on Patrol in 1940.
Francis Clifford Smith (Smith F.C)
anyway it is now time to get back to Pauline,s so Gordon can take me home on his way to see his son in Salisbury. Once I am back home It is 12.20 so I phone gervase and he is coming at 2.00 to take me shopping, we are going to Asda at Fratton today so I get some Chicken soup for dinner and then go on facebook for an hour before Gervase gets here and then we are of to Asda to get some Shopping.
here we have Gervase.
Once we get to Asda we park the car and then get a trolley and I walk round using the trolley, we have not got a lot to get and it only takes about 20 minutes before we pay and then are on our way home via the sea front.

Asda at the Bridge Centre. Fratton
Once we are back home I get the shopping put away and have a coffee, me and gervase have a chat before he makes his way home to Leanne, and I settle down to get this journal written and posted before getting dinner started at 6.00 pm, It s a nice plaice fillet today with Potato, Broccoli and a parsley Sauce. "Tasty" so until Tomorrow and a less busy day I will say Remember:

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