Saturday, November 3, 2012

It is a very laid back Saturday today.

Lazy Day.
Well would you believe it, it is 4.25 in the afternoon and I have spent most of the day just lazing around in the recliner watching the TV and reading the Daily Paper, The weather has been quite pleasant today but cold so the best place is indoors in the warm, especially as it is the saturday after the Methotrexate Friday.

Another new carer
It was a good nights sleep last night, woke up once about 4.00 to use the bathroom but apart from that I slept through until 7.15, Made a coffee and took back to bed until I got up at 7.45 and went into the lounge with another cup of coffee, I decided that I had better get up early just in case the carer was early again and a good job that I did as she arrived at 8.10 after going to the old address again and also this was another new carer

not a true statement on the logo.
Since Jo my regular carer left I have had 5 different carers in 6 days,  not happy about that and I also wonder why when my care plan states that my time for the carer is 9.00 am +/- 15 minutes that the last 2 days they have arrived just after 8 and there written "Statement of Purpose" states [ we provide our service in your own home at times convenient to you} yes don't think so anyway I will give them another week to get there act together or another phone call will be in order.

Anyway once the carer has gone i get some breakfast and then Text Pauline, then it is log on to the laptop to check emails and facebook before talking on the phone to Pauline and then taking a walk round to tesco Express to get the morning paper. It is a nice morning for a stroll but very chilly anyway I take a photo outside in the street looking towards the west.
A Bright Sunny Saturday Morning.
Well that is about as energetic as my day got today , once back home with the Paper and settle down in front of the TV with the laptop and see what is on, at the weekends the "Movies 24 and 24+ " channel has changed its name to "Christmas 24 & 24+" and is showing Christmas movies all day, so as I am not feeling that energetic today and my breathing is a bit tight today so I have watched  Christmas movies today, " My goodness I have just realized how sad that sounds" anyway at 11.00 o'clock it was " Miracle in Manhattan " made in 2010.
Miracle in Manhattan 2010
This was followed at 1.00 by " The Santa Incident " again a movie made in 2010
The Santa Incident 2010
At 1.30 I decided I wanted some lunch so cooked myself some bacon, chopped it up and put it in two small tortilla wraps with some melted mature cheddar cheese, and it was delicious, so I enjoyed that while watching the rest of the film. This was followed at 4.00 by the third Christmas film which is " Mistletoe over Manhattan " made in 2011
Mistletoe over Manhattan 2011
This finishes about 5.45 an then it will be time to get dinner prepared, tonight it will be Salmon with Potato and Cauliflower cheese. and then a nice evening of watching an episode of Rosemary and Thyme followed by Foyle's War both being shown on ITV3.
Rosemary and Thyme 2005 TV Episode
Foyle's War 2002 TV Episode.
well that is about it for today, not very exciting but hopefully the weather will be nice for tomorrow when it will be out shopping with Gervase, at least I can have a lie in tomorrow as there is no carer on Sundays or Mondays so that will be nice and by tomorrow the Methotrexate affects should be fading, anyway it is now 5.40 and it will soon be time to get dinner started so I will watch the end of the film and then into the kitchen, which reminds me I have the washing up to do from Lunchtime "Bummer"  anyway I will say cheerio and be back tomorrow.

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