Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Where did this rain come from Today.

Weather forecast for today
Well The weather certainly has changed for the worse today. I woke up to a very wet and windy day outside after having a better nights sleep, Only woke once between 11.15 last night and 6.30 this morning so pleased about that, anyway as I said it is very wet and windy this morning and according to the weather forecast it is going to be like this all day long today.

Porridge with Honey for Breakfast.
Well after making a cup of coffee and going back to bed for an hour and listening to the radio it is now 8.00 and time to get up and take a hot coffee into the lounge ready for when the carer comes. The TV news is not that exciting today, so I check my emails and facebook while I am waiting for the carer, who arrives today at 8.30. It is carol again so it looks like she is going to be my regular carer, it does not take her long to get me washed and groomed ready for the day ahead and then she is on her way to her next client. once she has gone I text Pauline and then get some Porridge and Honey for breakfast.
Misty out Walkies in the rain
As I finish breakfast, Pauline phones that it was very wet and windy out on the common with misty this morning and they got soaking wet. as Pauline and Gordon were up the Hospital yesterday for Pauline,s appointment, Gordon is going to come this morning to do the cleaning for me, while Pauline takes me down to the city centre for the shopping, he will then come and collect us when we are finished. Pauline said they will be with me by about 10.45.

So as it is now just approaching 9.45 I will go and get a shave and get dressed ready for going shopping and then I can watch an episode of  "Ever Decreasing Circles" before Gordon and Pauline arrive. "Ever Decreasing Circles" is a Sitcom made for TV in 1984-1989 it ran for 27 episodes and starred Richard Briers, Penelope Wilton and Peter Egan.
"Ever Decreasing Circles"
Having a laugh
Anyway Pauline and Gordon arrive at 11.00 and So I phone A taxi to take me and Pauline to the city centre and gordon is going to get the weekly clean started, the Taxi arrives and we get the wheelchair in and get ready to go when as I get in the Taxi I notice Gordon has left the headlights on in his car so I go back and let him Know, he comes out and says that they are turned off, it is only then that I realize that what I saw was the reflection of the Taxi,s headlights shining in Gordon,s Headlight,s. I felt a right idiot, anyway we had a laugh and off we go to Town.
Sore Throat Lozenge,s
Once we get down to the city we get the Taxi to drop us of at the back of Boots and I need first of all to go to the Building Society and then into Boots the chemist, I am going to have a chat with the Pharmacist to see if she can recommend a lozenge that I can take to ease the sore throat, I go through my medication list and she recommends Tyrozets. So i get a packet and then we make our way down to WH Smith as pauline needs to get a book.
Once Pauline has her book we make our way into the Cascade,s to go and get a coffee and a snack at Boswells. It is a very good cafe and I have a bacon Bap and pauline has a cheese and ham Panini, and we both have a coffee and it goes down a treat.
Boswells in the Cascades.
Chocolate Filled Doughnut
once we have finished our snack we make our way to Tesco to get the shopping for today and tomorrow. once we have the shopping we make our way down the precinct towards the Railway station where gordon will collect us from. It is 1.00 so I let gordon know we are ready to be collected and then once we are home we get the shopping put away and I make us all a coffee, we have a nice chocolate doughnut each and then Gordon and Pauline make their way home. Pauline will be back tomorrow at 10.00 as she is going to take me to my doctors appointment as I have a bit of a chesty cough and need to get it checked out and possibly get some antibiotics.
Well that is about it for today,it is now 4.40 and it is still raining outside so I will get this journal posted, make a nice hot chocolate and settle down to watch Pointless on the TV, so until tomorrow when there is more rain forecast I will say a fond .....................

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