Thursday, November 22, 2012

Another Thursday comes around.

And here we are again at the start of another dreary thursday, Although it is brighter this morning than it was yesterday it is still a very dreary November day and the forecast for later is Force 10 storms in the English channel and the south coast, and heavy rain moving in from the west.
Portsmouth today at 8.40 am.
Early to bed.
Must have had a decent nights sleep as I woke at 6.30 this morning and the radio was still playing, so although it was 11.00 pm when I went to bed last night I must have gone off to sleep very quickly and forgotten to turn the radio off.

anyway once I am awake it is in to the kitchen to make a coffee and then back to bed until 8.00 am when I make another coffee and take into the lounge to wait for the carer to arrive. While waiting for the carer I get the laptop up and running and then I sort out the graphic work I did last night, one was a picture of a Peek-a Boo cat.

And the second Graphic was of Life,s Journey, both these graphics was to promote Myositis Awareness
On the Phone to Pauline
Anyhow Carol my carer arrives at 9.00 am and soon has me washed and groomed ready for the day ahead, once Carol has left for her next client I text Pauline and then get myself a couple of boiled eggs with 2 crisp bread for breakfast and then go online to check my emails and also facebook. Pauline phones about 9.45 to say that Gordon is still not feeling well and is staying home again today but we are still able to go down to Morrisons to get the shopping an that she will be round at about 11.00.

About 10.30 I have a shave and get dressed and pauline arrives at about 11.00 and she has come on her own car today, but we will get a taxi from here down to morrisons as it is difficult to get te wheelchair into Pauline,s car, so I phone for a Taxi and then once that arrives we head of down to Morrisons at the Victory Retail Park to get the shopping.
Morrisons at the Victory Retail park.
Stilton and Broccoli Soup.
Once here we make our way round the store getting the shopping and once we have finished we decide to go into the cafeteria to get a light lunch as it is now 12.30 so we have a coffee each and Pauline has a Sandwich and I have a bowl of Stilton &  Broccoli Soup.
Poor Gordon

Lunch was very nice and once we have finished we make our way back home, on the way home Pauline has a text fro Gordon to say he is awake, I do hope he is feeling better than he was yesterday and also better than this morning. at least he is now up.

Anyway to cheer Gordon up I saw a couple of items that I decided to get for Gordon, the first was a couple of Ginger bread men for him to munch on.

And to stop him getting bored and to keep him active I thought he might like these as well. LOL.

anyway that is about it for today, Me and Pauline had a cup of coffee when we got back home and then after sorting out the shopping Pauline made her way home, and I went for a lie down for 30 minutes and then  I made a coffee and got this Journal started.
Well the nights are closing in, it is now 4.20 and it is almost dark outside so I will get this Journal finished and Posted before getting dinner prepared for tonight. Gervase will be coming in to see me on his way home from work this evening for an hour, so Until tomorrow and the "Dreaded Methotrexate"I will say Adios Amigo.

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