Tuesday, November 27, 2012

To The Vampire and Beyond:

Whooo Hooo. not to bad a night last night and woke this morning about 6.00 am, Went to use the bathroom and "danced all the way there and all the way back" well not really but felt like it as my feet felt so much better after seeing the Podiatrist yesterday.

Over worked laptop.
Anyhow, lay in bed dozing and listening to the radio until 7.45 when I went and made a coffee and took into the lounge to wait for Carol my carer to arrive. It will be a different Tuesday today as we will not be going to the city centre as I have to go for my monthly blood test at 10.30 and have the 3 monthly Flat inspection by the Letting Agency between 11.30 and 12.00. so while I am waiting for the carer I go online to check out my emails and facebook.
Todays Breakfast

Carol my carer arrives about 8.40. she has had a busy weekend but has a less hectic day today anyway it does not take her long to get me washed and groomed ready for the day ahead and then she is off to her next client, so I text pauline and let her Know all is Ok and then get a couple of boiled eggs for breakfast.
Man about town
During Breakfast Pauline phones back to say she will be round at 10.15 this morning and as we are not going down to the city with the wheelchair she will be bringing her own car. so as it is now 9.15 I watch some TV for 30 minutes before getting the washing up done and getting dressed ready for when Pauline gets here.

Morning Debbie
Well Pauline arrives at 10.20 so I get into the car and then we are off to the Eastney Health centre to see Debbie the Vampire, to give blood for my Monthly blood works, while we are there she also takes my Blood pressure as it has not been checked for a few months and that is all OK, Debbie has a to change arms to take blood this time as the vein she normally uses seems to have got fed up with it all and decided not to play ball, well we have been using the same vein for the last 18 + Months.

Flat Inspector LOL.
Once we have finished giving Blood we make our way back home to wait for the flat inspection, It is a condition of the tenancy that the flat is inspected at 3 monthly intervals. This is the norm over here on Private Property rental agreements so I am expecting the Lady to come between 11.30 and 12.00 as we agreed on the Telephone a fortnight ago. In fact she arrives at 11.50 and is gone by 12.00 so that did not take long

B&Q Portsmouth
Pop Up Christmas tree
well once she has Gone we decide to go over and look in B@Q as I need to get a christmas tree this year and also I have not been over to see my old workmates for a few months so it will be interesting to catch up with those that are still there, but I know that a lot have either left or been made redundant/sacked as the company cuts back on its staff to the detriment of its customers. so we get in the car and go over to B&Q it is only about a 5 minute drive away and I can walk round pushing  a trolly to make it easier and we won't be there long. well we have a walk round I purchase a ready decorated artificial 6 ft christmas tree reduced from £40.00 to £25.00 so that will do me and it only takes 4 minutes to assemble.
The Daily Journal.
I then see Angie, Sue, on Decor and Lee and Dave on Electrical Plus rob in Kitchens, plus a couple of others but it is so different than when I worked there, I left in 2008 and there is no atmosphere there anymore still that is the way it goes now all firms put profit before there staff and Customer Service. Anyway once I get the tree we make our way over to tesco express and then head home. once indoors we put the shopping away then have a coffee before Pauline makes her way home to Gordon, at 3.30 I have a tin of Cream of Chicken soup for lunch wit a packet of Walkers crisps and then have a doze in the armchair for an hour until 4.00 when I get todays Journal started.
It is now 5.25 and it is time to get todays journal posted to my blog and then settle down until 6.30 when it will be time to think about getting dinner ready. so until tomorrow it is time to say......................

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