Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sunshine and showers today.

Well here we are at the start of another day. again it is starting off with Rain but the weather forecast for today does say that the rain will clear later on, just hope that they are correct.
Another wet and windy day at Portsmouth.
Dab Radio
It was a decent sleep again last night, and I woke at 7.30 made a coffee and listened to the radio in bed for 30 minutes until 8.00 am when I made another coffee and went into te lounge to watch the morning Breakfast news on the TV and to check my emails and facebook while waiting for the carer.

one of the emails I had in my inbox this morning was from My cousin Maureen,s Husband Ken fro Canada. he sent me a Photograph of an Otter Aircraft that Ken and his "Buddy" look after. The Photograph was taken last year on the Great Slave lake NTW. Ken,s Old Boss has a camp in Yellowknife and Ken and his buddy change it over to wheels in Yellowknife and fly it South for the Winter. and is Kept in Edmonton. The aircraft was built in Toronto in 1954 and originally had a Piston Engine, but they changed it to a turbine about 6 years ago. I thought that was an interesting little story to share with you.

Breakfast Time.
Anyway that was a nice surprise from Ken and Maureen and nice to hear about what they geyt up to over in Canada. Anyway the Carer arrives at 8.45 and gets me sorted and groomed ready for the day ahead and then once she has made her way to the next client I text Pauline and then get some Breakfast.

The Flu jab last month
Pauline phones at about 9.30 to say she will be round at about 10.15 to take me for my doctors appointment, I seem to have a bit of a chesty cough and a tight chest, along with sniffles and a sore throat, I thought the sore throat was due to my teeth extractions last week but with the other symptoms I am just going to get the GP to give me a once over. anyway apparently gordon is not feeling well at the moment and also my carer has a bit of a cold so I am surrounded by Cold germs at the moment, At least I have had my Flu Jab this week and also had my pneumonia jab last year and that one lasts for about 4 years.

anyway I go and have a shave and get dressed and then watch a bit of TV until Pauline arrives at about 10.10. Anyway I am all ready so off we go to see Dr Tyrell down at the Eastney Health Centre. Doctor Tyrell has been my family doctor since the mid 1970,s so we always have a good old chat when we see him.
Eastney Health Centre.
The Antibiotics
My appointment is for 10.30 and we eventually get in to see Dr Tyrell at 11.05.anyway he checks my latest blood results that are Ok, checks my breathing etc and is satisfied that there in nothing going on with my lungs or chest and does not think that I have picked up a bug, however he prescribes some antibiotics that he wants me keep at home and if any of the symptoms get worse to start the course of antibiotics and Phone the Surgery Triage and he will see me straight away. so that is Ok, feel a lot easier now so we go to the Chemist to get the antibiotics and then home.

Once we are back home I make a coffee for me and Pauline and we have a chat and then Pauline makes her way home to Gordon and I go for a lie down until 12.30 when I get up and get some chicken soup for lunch. I then settle down in front of the TV and watch some old Sitcoms until 3.00 when I go and get the vegetable prepared ready for dinner tonight and then have a tidy up of the kitchen, get the rubbish bin sorted ready to go out tomorrow and then at 4.00 I start to get to work on todays Journal

Well it is nearly time for dinner it is 6.30 and everything is cooking it is a roast chicken breast tonight with Potato, cauliflower, sprouts and Gravy so I will say Bon appetite until tomorrow.

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