Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Day comes, A Day goes.

Morning Radio
Here we are again bright eyed and bushy tailed on a wet, windy and cloudy morning, well you know what they say, the only way is up, and after having a box stuck on my head yesterday then I think I deserve a good day LOL.
However I had a decent sleep last night and only woke once during the night for the bathroom and woke at 7.00 this morning. So made a coffee and listened to the radio in bed before getting up at 8.00 and going into the lounge ready for when the carer comes.

On the Laptop with Facebook.
Well Carol arrives at about 8.45 and we have a chat and then she gets me washed and groomed so that I am ready for the rest of the day. Once Carol has gone I send the text to Pauline and then get myself some breakfast before setting up the laptop and logging on to check out my emails and facebook.

Pauline phones back about 9.30, she is out on the common with Misty, it is very windy today and although the weather is dry we are expecting a few showers today anyway it is dry and sunny at the moment so once I have spoken to pauline I get myself dressed and then while it is still sunny I take a walk round to the shop to get a paper, it is a very pleasant day out there today and it is nice to get some fresh air so I take a slow walk around the block on the way back home, takes me about 20 minutes and when i get home my legs are just starting to ache so I know that is enough walking.
A Nice bright blue sky today, just after a shower.
Once back indoors I settle down with a nice cup of tea and read the paper and get the crossword done, I have the local radio on and it is a nice relaxing morning, at 12.30 I decide to have a snack and do some Toast (Gluten free) of course with some apricot jam and then settle down to watch the 1.00 News on the TV. after that I watch an episode of Doctors
BBC1 Series 14 of Doctors
An Afternoon Cat Nap
Once doctors has finished I go back on line and carry on working out the designs for the new website I will be setting up and then at 3.00 I go for a lie down for an hour. Pauline phones at 4.0 to see how I am and then I make a coffee, get the vegetable prepared for dinner tonight and then get back to getting todays Journal written. Gervase phones at 4.30 to see how I am, he is just on his way home from work and he always phones about 4.30 to see how I have been, and if I need anything brought in on his way home, I am so lucky with my family and friends.

My Gluten Free Diet

well so it is now almost 3 weeks since I went totally Gluten free and I must say that I have found a terrific difference in my Digestive system.

  • I have noticed that there has been a massive reduction in my acid reflux.
  • I have for the first time in almost 2 years that I have had a reduction in my reliance on having to use laxatives.
  • My appetite has returned once again and I am not having the bloating feelings that I used to have.
Those are the three main differences that I have noticed, there has also been a few minor improvements as well. As with all things there are some drawbacks and with Gluten free it is the cost of some items as you can see from the examples below.

  • A pack of 4 gluten Free crumpets  £1.98 GBP
  • A Small sliced white Warburtons bread £2.00 GBP
  • a Pack of 6 Jam Tarts £1.93 GBP
  • Pack of 6 Pork Sausages £2.78 GBP

So if you want baked items or things like cakes, bread or processed foods like sausages or ready meals you pay a premium price, the prices quoted above are at Asda, ( Wallmart in the USA and Canada ).

So I am seeing my GP next Tuesday and let him know that I have got an improvement in my digestion and see what his response is, also I will see if he will reduce the dose size of my Lansoprazole and see if the acid reflux still stays under control, it will be interesting to see what he has to say, If he agrees with what I am saying it will be possible to obtain some Gluten free items ie Bread , Flour etc under Prescription. Anyway I will keep you all updated.

Well that is about it for today, a very lazy restful day, and tomorrow it will be shopping with Pauline, hopefully depending on the weather we will be shopping down Palmerston Road, in Southsea
Palmerston Road Precinct Southsea. (Stock Photo)
It really is time to get this journal Posted now as it is 5.55 and time to think about getting dinner on cooking so until tomorrow I will say Bye Bye.

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