Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Whooo Tuesday Shopping

It Must be Saturday
Good Morning one and all and welcome to another day in the life of Frank as opposed to the life of Pi. well at least the weather is still behaving itself, today has started brighter than the last couple of days and the rain is still staying away, it seems that it will remain overcast for Wednesday and Thursday but then we have a Sunny Friday before the Heavy rain returns on Saturday, at least that is the forecast from the met office.

Anyway lets get back to the present time. It was another good nights sleep last night I did wake once to use the bathroom but apart from that slept really well from 11.30 until 7.30 this morning when I got up and made a coffee to take back to bed until 8.00 when it was time to get up and go into the lounge to watch the breakfast news on TV while waiting for Carol my carer to arrive. Carol arrives quite early today about 8.30 but she is not a happy carer today, she is supposed to be finishing early today as she has bits and pieces to sort out at home and she started at 6.30 but she has had a phone call from the agency to say that they want her  to take on more work today as they have more clients than they have  and they need her to work on until 6.00 this evening, that will be 11.5 hours without a break, which I think is breaking all the rules set down by the employment act and the care commission,  It is about time these care company,s  and the NHS put patient care before profits. I told her if it was me I would tell them where to go in no uncertain terms, but these company,s bully the staff into working, Told her, Join a union.

Phone call from Pauline
Anyway once Carol has finished and is on her way I text Pauline and then Get some Toast and Marmalade for breakfast before getting the laptop up and running and checking out my emails and also to see who is about on facebook. Pauline Phones at 9.40 to say that her and Gordon are OK and that Gordon had a good nights sleep and that she will book a taxi for 10.45 to come and collect me to go down to the city centre to get the shopping, and then Gordon will collect us from the city centre when we are finished. So once we are finished on the phone I make a coffee and watch an old episode of Steptoe and Son on the Gold Channel.
Steptoe and Son Staring  Wilfred Brambell and Harry H Corbet  1971
Don't Panic
Anyway I was so intent on watching such a really good old sitcom that I forgot the time until I glanced at the clock and it was 10.30 and there I was still in my Pyjamas so it was a mad rush to get a shave, dressed and ready before Pauline arrives. I had a shave and was just finishing getting dressed when Pauline sent a text to say that she was on her way. Trying to rush around with a iffy back is not a good idea.

Jubilee Fountain
I had just about got myself sorted out when the taxi arrives with Pauline "Phew" so the Wheelchair goes into the taxi and then I get my coat and walking stick and we ate off down to the city centre. we have not got a lot to get today so we get dropped of at the back of boots and make our way to the Nationwide and then into boots to get me some "Stay Dry" Pants before making our way into wilkinsons. where we have a look for bread makers but they do not sell them in there, Pauline gets some bits and pieces for Misty and then we make our way back into the precinct where we go and get a coffee and sit by the fountain, although it is overcast it is a pleasant day and very mild.

Once we have had our coffee Pauline pushes me in the wheelchair up the precinct to the Holland and Barrett Health shop where I check out the gluten free items but nothing there that I want today in fact I can get a better range from the supermarkets, so after that we make our way over to Marks and Spencer in the Cascades to get the food shopping stopping of at the T-mobile/ EE store on the way to check out a new mobile as mine is getting on in years, "like me really". LOL.
Marks and Spencer and T-Mobile in the Cascades Portsmouth.
Got the Lamp
I get a couple of Gluten Free Meals for tonight and tomorrow and also a couple of other bits and pieces and also Pauline gets what she wants and once we have finished we make our way up to Argos to see if I can get the Table lamp to match the floor lamps I got the other week, yes they are in stock so that is OK. On our way up to Argos Pauline phoned Gordon so he is on his way to collect us, we did not look at Bread maker,s in here today as My back has just about had all it can take today and is giving me a bit of discomfort so we get the lamp, and then go outside where gordon is waiting and we are on the way home.

once we are home gordon gets the lamp set up for me and I make a coffee and we have that and a chat and a couple of biscuits and then Pauline and Gordon are on there way home, Once they are gone I make a coffee and have a banana, and it is now 3.00 so I go and lie down to rest my back until 4.00 when I get up and get this journal written, it is surprising how a 45 minute lie down can make my back feel so much better. anyway it is now 6.30 so I will get this journal posted and then get dinner so until tomorrow I will say Bye Bye.

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