Saturday, January 19, 2013

and the freezing cold weather continues

My Goodness me it is cold this morning, had a pretty decent nights sleep last night, woke about 6.30 and put on the radio to listen to the weather forecast for the day. It does not seem to bad, although it is cold it is above freezing at 1C but dropping to 0C about 5.00 pm so there is very little snow or ice left on the ground at the moment.
less Snow around this morning.
Early Morning coffee
anyhow at 7.00 am I go and make a coffee and take back to bed while I listen to the radio until 8.00 when it is time to go into the lounge ready for when Carol my carer arrives, it is certainly going to be easier for her to get around in the car today than it was yesterday Morning. While I am waiting for Carol I log on to the world wide web and check out my emails and facebook before Carol arrives at 8.50.

That won't fix it Pat
well Carol has a busy morning so no time foe a coffee today but it does not take her long to get me washed and groomed ready for a relaxing Saturday and just as she is leaving my brother pat phones to say he is working on a job up at homebase  just on portsea island and did I need him to bring anything in for me as it is very cold out there this morning, but I have plenty of supplies so that is OK but nice of him to phone and check, he does not usually work on a Saturday, but due to the bad weather yesterday he had yesterday off, he is a self employed computer engineer and works for a company that repairs and sorts out computer operated machines in Shops, Banks, Offices, etc.

Once I am off the phone to pat I get some Porridge with Honey for breakfast and then send the text to Pauline, I then settle down with the laptop and play some words with friends and check out some family history bits and pieces. Pauline phones back to say that Gordon has taken Misty out for her walk and that he was now painting the Kitchen, anyway they are all OK so that is Ok. I check out side and it is cold but dry and overcast so I go and get a daily Paper and then head back home, once back indoors I settle down to watch a film on the TV. It is a very funny film "Jungle 2 Jungle" a 1997 film with Tim Allen.
Jungle 2 Jungle 1997
Well that was an enjoyable movie and it is now time to think about lunch, today I will have a couple of poached eggs on toast, and that goes down very well. once I have had lunch I get the lunch and breakfast things washed up and then get the vegetable prepared for tonight,s dinner. once I have done that I go and check out the weather forecast for tomorrow, and it looks as though the temperature is not going to get above freezing tomorrow, so that will be a cold day to go out shopping with Gervase.

The Weather for Sunday in Portsmouth.

Don't get cold Gordon
Ok so that is done, Gervase phones to check I am OK and that I do not want anything from the shops, we have a nice chat and I will phone him later this evening and will see him tomorrow, I then watch some TV, and then get this journal started, Pauline phones to see that I am Ok, Gordon has just taken misty out for her afternoon walk on the common, anyway all is Ok so I will phone her and Gordon Later, well the temperature is dropping outside but a nice constant warm temperature here indoors, They are predicting snow tomorrow to the east of us and then it looks probable that we may get some more snow on Monday.

Well it looks like it is another short and boring Journal today, not much going on in this cold weather so unfortunately there is not a lot to write about which probably means that I am getting along pretty well with no adverse affects to the Dermatomyositis, Raynauds, the weather or the medication. anyway the one thing I did not do was to join in the sleighing and snowball fights up on Portsdown hill yesterday afternoon.
Fun in the Snow on portsdown hill Yesterday
Fun in the Snow on portsdown hill Yesterday
So with those to cold looking Photographs I will say a very warm Bye Bye until tomorrow.

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