Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wednesday is here again

Whooo Hooo
It is days like this when you realize that age is creeping up. the aches and pains, the stiff joints, and the creaking bones, and that is just getting out of bed. and with the added benefit of our old friend Myositis life just becomes a fun filled roller coaster of a ride.

as most of you know I have been having aches and pains in my hip area since Thursday last week, when I think that I probably twisted awkwardly in the wheel chair, anyway I phoned the Health centre to speak to one of my GP,s and Dr Richbell phoned me back about 10.00. She is a very good Doctor and we chatted about my Hip area and the possibility that it may be the onset of Osteoporosis or Osteoarthritis of the hip.

Bone Density Scanner
As we know, Long term use of Prednisolone can lead to Osteoporosis in some people which is why most of us are given medication to counteract that I was given Strontium Ranelate in Sachet form and also Calcichew D3 from the day I started on Prednisolone in May 2011 and was taken of these by my dietician in August 2012, and I was discussing with the Doctor if I needed to go back on the calcium. Dr Richbell seems to think at this stage it is more likely related to the Muscle than bone and has written a prescription for some Gel to rub on the area and to take Paracetamol, if there is no improvement in a week then we will look at other options including a bone density scan.

Do as you are told Frankie
Anyway I must admit that it is certainly a lot easier than it was a week ago, so hopefully it will settle down on its own accord, but I must remember to take things that little bit easier and not go at things like a bull in a china shop. Pauline is always telling me off about overdoing things Oh well about time I started to listen I suppose.

Toast for Breakfast
anyway apart from that the day has gone pretty well, Slept ok Last night, Carol my carer arrived at 8.30 this morning, and she had told the office that if they had asked her if she could work extra yesterday she would have helped them out but to tell her she had to was not the way to go about it so she told then No and that next time to ask not Tell anyway she was in a happier mood today and so she soon had me groomed and was on her way  to the next client, once she had gone I got some toast and Marmalade for breakfast and then text Pauline to let her know all was Ok.
after Breakfast I check out my emails and Facebook and then Pauline phones to say that she is on the common with Misty and that all was Ok with them, Gordon slept OK last night and was up in Salisbury today. once I had chatted with Pauline I phone the doctor who phones me back at 10.00, so that was Ok And we chatted about my Back and I will pick up the prescription as mentioned above when we go out shopping tomorrow.

Chicken Broth
Once Doctor Richbell has finished on the phone I phone Pauline and let her know and then go and get a paper round at Tesco Express, Once back home I make a coffee and settle down to do the crossword and listen to the radio and at 12.30 I go for a lie down for 30 minutes before going back into the lounge with a coffee and logging on to facebook and playing Words with friends and also checking out my family history site, At 1.30 I decide to get some Chicken Broth for lunch with a couple of crisp bread both Gluten free of course it was very tasty and went down a treat and the rest of the afternoon is spent on the laptop along with doing the washing up and phoning adult social care.

Now the reason I Phoned Portsmouth Adult Social care is that I had the invoice in for my care for December and I had been charged for 5 days that I had no care which was over the christmas period, Now the care company new what dates I was not having care at the beginning of December, however they had not taken those of the bill that they sent to Adult Social care. I really am getting fed up with the care company, anyway it was a very helpful lady at Portsmouth city Council and it was sorted with them within 30 minutes.

Well that is about it for today then folks, not a very productive day today but have been resting my hips with frequent lie downs in preparation of shopping tomorrow down town with Pauline, so I will leave you all with a cheery farewell until tomorrows Edition of my Daily Journal.

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