Thursday, January 24, 2013

not enough hours in the day.

Wish it would hurry up.
It certainly doe seem to feel like there are not enough hours in the day, well that's the way it seems as I seem to be getting later and later writing and posting my daily journal. I intended to take my camcorder out with us today when I went shopping but it was to cold to be holding and videoing today so took the pictures today with my cell phone. the weather today is freezing and the forecast for tomorrow is for more snow from 9.00 am until 6.00 am Saturday. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  Roll on Springtime.

Oh dear, stuck again
well it was a funny old night last night, slept pretty well but was awake by 6.00 am this morning, felt pretty good so got up early and thought I would have a little sort our=t of the fridge and a bit of de-frosting, why ? no flaming Idea really any way that bit of it went really well, getting back up of the floor from a kneeling position was a different story, if nothing else I would be able to get a job as a contortionist. Well I eventually managed it in the end with a lot of huffing and puffing and using the kitchen stools to lever myself up, "felt like the big bad wolf from the 3 little pigs" Oh what fun we have with this silly Myositis.

Pauline on the phone
Texting Pauline.
Well once I was up on my feet I thought "sod that for a laugh" and made a coffee and went to watch the Breakfast news, by this time it was 7.30 so not worth going back to bed, well what can you do, you got to try these things otherwise how are you going to know what you can or cant do. anyway after a coupe of coffee,s and a check on the laptop and looking at the emails and facebook it was nearly time for Carol the carer to come. A it is Carol arrives at 9.10 and is very busy as she has had extra clients given to her today so she is a bit stressed, so not a lot of time for a chat today as she is running late for her next client, once Carol has left I text Pauline and then have some chocolate star cereal and a Banana for Break fast. Pauline phone back to say she will book a Taxi for 10.45 to collect me and then down town to do the shopping.

So I make another coffee and at 1.15 I have a shave and get dressed ready for Pauline to arrive with the Taxi, Pauline arrives about 10.55 and she has brought my washing back for me that she took on Tuesday, so that was good of her, anyway we leave that indoors and get the wheelchair into the taxi and then we are of down to Commercial road precinct to get the shopping. The taxi drops us at the usual place and we go to the nationwide first and then out into the Precinct, It is market day today and so there are many market stalls around.
Market day today
anyway the first thin I need to do is to go to the T-Mobile store in the Cascade shopping arcade and look at the mobile phones as I need to upgrade my Cell Phone next Month.and I am thinking of getting an I-Phone. anyway before then Pauline decides that she will have a cigarette.

Time for a cigarette then Pauline.
Next we have a chat with the lady in the Dinky Donut Wagon, These are really nice donuts and you also get a tub of jammy or Chocolate sauce to dip them in, They are absolutely delicious This wagon is here every week day all day and the lady who serves is very friendly so if you are ever down this way get yourself some Dinky Donuts, you will not be disappointed.
Go on Pauline, treat yourself
As I said next it is in to the cascades to have a look in the T-Mobile store and do a little window shopping before having a nice coffee and Toasted Tea cake at Boswells cafe in the Cascades.
The Entrance to the Cascades from the Precinct
Excellent coffee in Boswells.
well that was a nice cup of coffee, afterwards we make our way back out into the other end of the precinct, opposite the fountain and Debenham,s and have a look in the shoe shop before going into wilkinsons and getting some bits and pieces.
In the Precinct opposite Debenham,s. department store
Once we have finished in Wilkinsons we make our way out and then into Tesco to do the food shopping,  we are not in the food aisles long and we decide to have another coffee as it is so cold outside so we have a coffee in tesco,s before paying for the groceries and making our way out to get the Taxi home, my hands are so cold that I have problems holding and opening the little sachets of Sugar and just my luck, being clumsy one lands in my coffee.
Ooop's it could only happen to me.
Oh by the way just to set the record straight, the chocolate Muffin is Pauline,s not Mine,
anyway we get the Taxi home and we get the shopping put away, we have a coffee and a chat and at 3.00 I phone for a taxi to take Pauline home, at  3.20 the taxi arrives and Pauline is on her way, and I make a coffee and then settle to check out facebook and then to get todays Journal written and Posted, well it is now 5.45 and all behind again, must try and get myself organised although I have never yet been organised so not much chance of that happening, anyway I am going to get todays Journal posted, so until tomorrow I will say Cheerio.

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