Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A video free journal today.

Well the one thing you can say about Myositis is that no two days or nights are the same going from Spasmodic sleeping patterns to sleeping all night long, from acid reflux to Flatulence, from aches and pains to no aches and pains, from Yucky Methotrexate, Fridays to Non Yucky Methotrexate Fridays, From Constipation to Diarrhea  and back again, we see it all, it changes more frequently than the British weather. Oh well Onwards and upwards as the Commode said to the Stairlift.

As you can probably gather from my ramblings above I did not have one of the best nights sleep last night, it was not to bad BUT I was up twice during the night to use the bathroom and as the speech from hamlet goes.

To wee or not to wee, that is the question,
Whether it is better to lay and wee,
Or to take the tentative steps towards the toilet,
Is it not better to wear a Tenna,
Than to lie and sleep in the damp
And remember days of yore,
When bladders were reliable
and nappies were just a distant memory. 

Global Daily journal Readership
Well there we go then, had to find something to write to take the place of a video, I tell you I really do spoil you lot. anyway at least I got about 6 hours sleep so really should not moan, however at 8.00 I get out of bed and into the lounge with a coffee to wait for the carer to arrive. As usual while I am waiting for the carer I check out Facebook and emails, and also check my daily Journal blog, The readership is still increasing on a monthly basis and I have a regular readership covering  20 country,s so am pleased that it is reaching people.

At 9.00 there is a knock at the front door and it is my Regular carer Carol, she told me what happened yesterday and why she was not here, She found the client she went to collapsed on the floor and had to stay with him while she phoned the emergency services and waited for them to arrive and get him sorted out, anyway she soon has me washed and groomed ready for the day ahead and then she is on her way to her next client, once Carol has left I text pauline and then get some porridge for breakfast, that went down a treat and then it is a case of another coffee before getting dressed as Pauline,s Brother in Law Colin will be visiting about 10.15 when he brings his son Stewie down to the Sunnyside Medical Centre for his appointment.

Sunnyside medical Centre, Portsmouth
The Tetley Folk
Once I am dressed I go and catch up with the news on TV. Pauline phones to say that all is ok and then I carry on with facebook until Colin arrives at 10.20. I make a cup of tea and we have a good old natter, and catch up, Colin Brought some Tetley Tea bags down for Pauline and also brought a pack down for me, they were on special offer when he went shopping so he got some for us both so that was kind of him and appreciated, he has left Pauline,s here and she can collect them when she comes tomorrow to take me shopping,

The Morning Paper
well colin is here until Stewie phones him at 11.15 to say he is finished and ready to go home, so he makes his way to pick up Stewie and I take a walk round to the paper shop to get the morning paper. once I have that I get back home in the warm as it is very cold and damp today. once home I settle down to read the paper and do the crosswords until 1.00 when I have a small Smoked Haddock fillet wit a couple of crisp bread for lunch, it was very tasty and went down a treat although I did find it a bit salty.

Once lunch is finished I was up the dishes and then go for a cat nap for an hour, after that I make a coffee and get a couple of rashers of bacon grilled and get some Potato and Cauliflower Cooking as I am going to make a Potato, Cauliflower and Bacon cheesy bake to go with the Salmon for Dinner Tonight, all Fresh Produce and all Gluten Free, Loverly. While I am waiting for the vegetable to cook I check out facebook and then once the veg is ready I go and prepare it ready to go under the grill tonight while the salmon is cooking.
Ingredient ready cooked and cut up

In the dish with grated cheddar cheese on top ready to go under the grill
once That is all done I get the washing up done and then settle down to get todays blog written and then to get it posted before dinner at 6.00 pm.

Gluten Free

So that is it for today folks not an exciting day but at least I am starting to feel that I want to get back to experimenting with my food more now, one thing that I will say is that with this "Twisted Stomach" that I have, I have found that since going Gluten Free Flatulence has almost now disappeared, that is one of the problems that the doctors had with my stomach no matter what they prescribed it did not seem to work. so that is a Plus for me and can't wait to discuss the gluten free diet with my GP  in two weeks time and with my Neurologist in March.

 So now it is 5.35 and time to get this journal Posted and then take my Lansoprazole before having dinner at 6.30, so Bye Bye until tomorrow when it will be shopping day down town and I will take the camera with me. 

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