Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wednesday comes, And Wednesday Goes

And here we are into the second day of Wednesday well it has been a decent start to the new year and I am looking forward to hopefully seeing more sunshine and less rain than I did in 2012. well  after the Late night on Monday night I intended to have an early night last night but then noticed that "Miranda" and also "Mrs Browns Boys were on TV so in the end did not get to bed until 11.00.

"Miranda" Series 3 Episode 2

"Mrs Browns Boys" Series 3 Episode 1
Anyway I had a decent nights sleep last night, when I eventually got to bed and slept through until 7.30 when I got up to make a coffee and went back to bed, it was only when I looked at the clock and saw it was 8.20 that I suddenly realised that the carer was coming today so big rush to get myself up and into my trousers and dressing gown and into the lounge before Carol my carer gets here
A Good Nights sleep.

My Carer waving goodbye
Anyway once into the lounge with a coffee I wait for carol to arrive. Carol arrives at about 8.45 and she has had a good new year, she worked over Christmas but had New Year off and she is back to work today, anyway we have a nice chat and then she gets my face and neck washed and grooms my hair and puts the cream on my legs and then she is on her way to her next client and I go and get some Porridge for breakfast.

Once I have had breakfast I send the text to Pauline and she phones back to say that all is Ok there except that Gordon did not have a good night and had not gone into work today, so hopefully he will feel better later, anyway once we have finished talking I get myself dressed and take a walk round to Tesco Express to get my daily Paper and also some Salmon for dinner tonight, as being New Years day Yesterday we did not do our normal Tuesday shop,  once back home I make a coffee and then relax in the recliner with the Laptop to catch up on my emails and Facebook, and listening to Radio Solent, It seems that the increases of fares on public transport has already started as season Ticket Rail fares were increased today by an average of 4.5%. This will affect Gervase as He commutes from Portsmouth to Haywards Heath every day for work which is about a 2 hour journey each way.
Don't miss your train Gervase
Chicken soup for lunch
Anyway it has been a decent Morning I have read the Paper, Done the crosswords, Caught up on Face book, sorted out the emails and now I will phone pauline to see how gordon is before getting some lunch, I phone Pauline and Gordon is going to see the doctor tonight about 5.30 so hopefully they may be able to give him something to help him sleep. once I have spoken to Pauline I go out to the Kitchen and get some chicken soup for Lunch with 3 crisp bread and it goes down very nicely, once I have finished that I get the lunch things washed up and prepare the vegetable for dinner before going for a cat nap for an hour.

So I have a nice lie down for an hour and it is now 3.30 so I go into the Lounge to watch some TV, they are showing some old episodes of "The Good Life" which is an old sit com that was on in the mid 1970,s. and I also phone Leanne and see how she is getting on now that gervase is back at work, as she does not go back to work until next Monday, and then I start to get todays Journal written as it is now 4.20.
The Good Life 1975-1978 Sitcom
Salmon Tonight
Well there we go then, It has been a decent Day, Gervase phoned to say that he will come in and see me on the way home from Work, and gordon Phone to say that he got on OK at the doctors and has some sleeping Med,s to help him sleep, so I now need to get this Journal finished and Posted before getting dinner sorted, I am having Salmon Tonight with Three veg so that should be tasty and then I will have a nice evening of TV so until tomorrow and a busy day shopping down the city centre with Pauline I will say Good Bye.

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