Monday, January 7, 2013

And another week starts

Well here we are on another Monday, and so far it has started well, I had a decent nights sleep last night, went to bed about 11.00 and listened to the radio until 12.00 when turned it off and got off to sleep. woke about 3.30 for the bathroom and then back to sleep until I woke again at 7.45. no need to rush this morning as there is no carer on a monday so make a coffee and take back to bed and listen to the radio until 89.30 when I decide to get up and start the day.

Patsy Cline
So armed with a coffee I make my way into the lounge and send the morning text to pauline and then get myself some of the Gluten free Porridge I got from Sainsburys yesterday. That went down pretty well so I make another coffee and settle down in the recliner to have a bit of a read and listen to a Patsy Cline CD on the radio CD. I do like Patsy cline among others and have a couple of her CD,s. One of my favourites is "Walking after Midnight" and also "Pick me up on your way down"

Later on I watch a bit of TV, at 10.15 Gordon phones to say Pauline is still fast asleep in bed and he is just going to take Misty out for her Morning Walk, and that he will be round later for a couple of hours flat cleaning for me, anyway Gordon arrive at about 11.45 so first things first is to make the coffee so we have a chat, and he was saying they had a busy day yesterday as they went up to Salisbury to visit his Son.

anyway once we have finished our coffee,s Gordon starts the cleaning and I take a walk down to get a paper from the paper shop, I decided that I would get it from the Newsagent,s rather than tesco Express as it would be a change of scenery and the distance  is the same, once I have the paper I head back indoors and settle to read the paper, do the crossword and chat to Gordon ( See I can still multi-task )
The Local Newsagent,s

Your getting old Frankie
Well I must say that my back, although is still achey today is a lot better than it was yesterday so hopefully it is slowly getting back to normal, it is annoying that things like tweaking a muscle when turning awkwardly takes so much longer now with this myositis than it used to, mind you I probably need to take my age into consideration as well and as my overweight Doctor would say " you need to loose a few Pounds" LOL

Time for an afternoon catnap
Anyway before Gordon Vacuums  the bedroom and lounge floor and washes the Bathroom and Kitchen floor,s it is time for coffee and Biscuits and a chat and then once that is all done and Gordon has finished he makes his way home and I decide to get myself some Scrambled eggs and a slice of toast for lunch as it is almost 2.00. Once I have had lunch I wash up the lunch things and then go for a lie down for 45 minutes until 3.30 when it will be time to get this journal started.
Ouch, Ouch and Ouch
Well that is about it for today folks not a lot to report today I am afraid, I have really spent the day resting and giving my back a chance, It is so much better today and have only had to take paracetamol once today so that is good, It only aches when I go to stand up or to sit down or if I need to bend my left side to pick something up, once I am up on my feet walking or sitting/lying it is ok, It is the same side that I tore a ligament in 2007 and then I was off work for 8 weeks and it took about 4 months to heal, and they think that it was the high dosage of Diclofenac over a long period that was probably responsible for the onset of my Myositis

Table lamp to get
So there we are then that was Monday, came and went, only one tablet today and that was the 5 mg of Folic Acid, anyway all in all it has been a good day, the flat is now all spick and span and back to normal after the christmas tree and Christmas cards are down and put away until next year, I have made my next appointment with the Podiatrist, for next month so all is in order, so now it is time to get this Journal Posted and get dinner started and then tomorrow it will be shopping down the city centre with Pauline and to look at bread makers and a Table lamp to match my two floor lamps, I Know that Argos sell one that is the same design.

So Off to get dinner started so I will post this journal now and until tomorrow I will say Bye Bye.

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