Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What a day this has been !!!!!!!!

well folks, it has been a funny old day today, shopping, Lunch, Rain, Being Abused by a box, and I still survived the day, Whoo Hoo. The day started off much like any other day, I had a decent nights sleep last night, basically from 11.00 pm until 6.45 am, waking just once to go to the bathroom, so was pleased about that, anyway once I was awake I went to the kitchen, got a coffee and then headed back to be until 8.00 to listen to the local radio,

Text to Pauline
At 8.00 I got up and after making a cup of tea, I took it into the lounge to listen to the radio and to wait the arrival of the carer. Carol my carer arrives at 8.45 and she has had a good weekend, anyway she is busy today so it does not take her long to get me washed and groomed ready for the day ahead and then she is off to her next client, so I get myself some Porridge for breakfast and then text Pauline to let her know all is ok,

Nearly Ready
once I have sent the text to Pauline, I get the breakfast crockery washed and then turn on the laptop to check out the emails and facebook. Pauline phones about 9.40 to say that it is very wet and cold out on the common with Misty this morning, and that she will be booking a Taxi for 10.45 to come and collect me and the Wheelchair and then depending on what the weather is doing we will decide were we go shopping. Once we have finished on the phone, I stay on the laptop until 10.00 and then I go and get a shave and get dressed ready for when Pauline arrives. It is getting easier to shave these days but still have problems holding the razor the right way to get a decent shave but it is an improvement over this time last year, and getting dressed is certainly easier now.

Time for Coffee
True to form Pauline texts at 10.45 to say she is on her way and she is here with the taxi at 10.55. We get the wheelchair into the taxi and seeing as it is really wet and windy today we decide to get the taxi straight to Morrisons to do the shopping rather than going to the city centre first as it is not a nice day for Pauline to be pushing me around in the wheelchair in this wet and windy weather. So we go straight to morrisons and then we get the wheelchair out of the taxi and go into morrisons cafe to have a coffee before starting the shopping.

Give us your Money
Once we have finished the coffee Pauline said that Gordon will be coming down to collect us when we have finished so I ask Pauline to phone him to say that if he comes down about 12.30 we can have some lunch at morrisons, so Pauline phones him and then we start the shopping. Gordon Arrives while we are halfway through the shopping, so he takes over the wheelchair duties and once we have got everything including a big bag of dog food for Misty we go and get it paid for.

And now this is where I get abused by people who I call friend,s with friends like these who needs enemy,s LOL. First of all pauline decides to get a couple of empty boxes to put the shopping in as we are going to load the shopping into Gordon,s car before we have lunch
I am not a bl@@@y Lorry.
Now I cant see where I am going so I think I shout out help a couple of times and tell everyone in the shop that I am being abused anyway I think I should have kept my Mouth shut as this is what happened next. LOL

Should have kept my mouth shut LOL

Once out of the store we get the shopping and the wheelchair into Gordon,s car and then we go and have lunch, I have a Jacket Potato with Cheese, Pauline has a Panini, and Gordon has double egg on toast. plus coffees and a fruit juice for me as I am trying to cut down on my coffee intake. once we have finished lunch we make our way home.
Once indoors we get the shopping put away and then Gordon and Pauline have a coffee and I have a tea and then it is time for Pauline and Gordon to make a move back home, they are dropping my repeat prescription off at the Eastney health centre on the way home so we can collect the prescription on Thursday, it is for my Prednisolone and Methotrexate.
Eastney Health Centre
It has been a really great day today, it is now 4.15 and this journal is about finished for today , just to say that I have been working on the idea of setting up a "Myositis Hub Website" where people can find links to myositis related websites around the globe,all categorized by Subject and location and all accessible from one central hub, There is a lot of preparation and planning ahead before I get it started, but at least I have got the Logo Designed and copyrighted and the domain name registered, the next step is to work out a site map and this I will start on at the weekend. but here is the Logo.

well there we are then folks I will now get this journal posted and will say Adios until tomorrow.

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  1. Is that what they call getting yoour ears boxed.

    Regards Mike