Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Brrrrrrrrrrrrr its cold today

good day to one and all, another excellent night. as you probably know I have been having trouble with back/hip ache the last week or so, as I turned and twisted in my wheelchair the thursday before last, the doctor prescribed a Voltarol Emugel rub which has helped, but not to my satisfaction anyway I have been on 15 mg of Prednisolone on alternative days since August but have noticed an increase of Muscle ache, anyway I have added a 5 mg of prednisolone on the alternative days to when I take the 15 mg and it is amazing the difference it has made to my Muscle aches so I will carry on with that until the weekend and then revert back to 15 mg on alternative days and if the muscle aches return then I will ask the Neurologist if I can go back onto 10 mg of Prednisolone for a few weeks and then go to 7.5 mg a day instead of 15 mg on alternative days.

M&S Gluten Free Logo
As I said it was a decent nights sleep, also all though it is early days My digestions certainly seems better now that I am following a totally Gluten Free Diet, ( I have been on it 100% for just over a week) it has been a lot easier than I envisaged when I started it so hope the improvement continues

Gluten Free Toast.
Well I woke at about 6.00 am and made a coffee and took back to bed and then dozed off and on until 7.30 when I put on Radio Solent to listen to the local news and weather, It is very cold today but at least the temperature has not dropped below freezing so that is something positive. anyway up and out of bed at 8.00 am ready for when Carol my carer arrives as long as she is not of sick today, anyway make a coffee and check out emails and facebook, Carol arrives at 8.45 and feels  a lot better today, it seems that she picked up some kind of tummy bug anyway we have a chat and then she gets me groomed ready for today. Once Carol has left I get some toast and marmalade for Breakfast and also text Pauline to let her know all is OK here.

Get Ready for when Pauline gets here.
Pauline phones back to say that she will be booking a Taxi for 11.00 to come and collect me and then we will be off down to the town centre to get some shopping and also to go into the civic offices to pay my care invoice for December. so it is time to go and get a shave and get dressed so that I am ready for when Pauline arrives. but first of all I need another coffee and then finish off on facebook, so at 10.15 It is wash up the breakfast Items and then get ready. at 11.10 Pauline arrives with the Taxi and once we have the wheelchair in we are off down to the Guildhall Square to go and pay my care invoice before going to do the shopping, Once we get to the Guildhall I decide to walk with the Wheelchair for a bit and off we go.
Civic Offices Guildhall Square, Portsmouth
Once we have been and paid the invoice we take a slow walk up to the Commercial road precinct and I stop at the bank and then we go into the cascade shopping arcade and go to Boswells coffee shop for a coffee and Pauline also has a Sausage roll, once we have had a chat we then take a walk into British home stores as they have a 50% sale on, I get a couple of Jumpers and then we wander back out into the precinct and go over to Tesco to get the food shopping.
British Home stores, Cascade shopping Centre. Portsmouth UK
well we go around tesco and I get a few bits and pieces including some Gluten Free Jam Tarts and Ginger Cookies so hopefully they will be better than the Gluten free Scones I got from Asda on Sunday. anyway we do not need to get a lot of items and we are soon out of Tesco and ready to Phone Gordon who is at home and is going to come and collect us and take us home.
well we walk down the precinct to the Railway station where gordon comes and collects us and then we are off  home.
Commercial Road Precinct Portsmouth
Once back home we get the shopping put away, and I make a coffee and try on my New Jumpers Well Oh Dear I got Medium and guess what they are to small looks like I need large size oops, looks like I need to go on a diet, anyway Gordon tries them on and they fit him like a glove, there is no Justice in this world however to save taking them back Gordon gives me the money for then so it looks like large size on Thursday in British home stores, just hope the 50% off sale is still on.

Patti Page
well at 3.00 Gordon and Pauline make there way home And I put on some Patti Page you tube videos on the smart TV and settle down to get this Journal written for today. I just love Country and western singers and American Country and western and Patti Page singing Tennessee Waltz is still a real favourite of mine, I am sure I will have to get over to the USA to get to some Country and western shows so must put that on my bucket list.

well it is 5.25 so I must now get this Journal finished and then get it posted before thinking about dinner and settling down to watch the Evening news at 6.00 and dinner at 6.30. It has been a really good day today, so until tomorrow I will say bye bye.

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